Daddy’s girl hasn’t sat on his lap in a while, it’s about time

I moved to another state for school so I have missed all of my special family fun. The play I love with my cousins and uncles and aunts has come to a slight halt, especially the fact that I’m a daddy’s girl.  Now I’m on vacation and around my family for a good while and able to quench that thirst. I’ll skip the intro and tell you how I got the kinky/taboo ball rolling of daddy’s girl.

Since we all were gathering in the big house I decided to wear a short skirt and a Christmas sweater. My father who wore a pair of sweatpants sat in the corner and my big brother on the right of him. Everyone was scattered around the room sitting on laps and floors talking and laughing. That morning I told my father to wear sweatpants and that I had a surprise for him. He always listens to what I ask of him no matter what. That’s why I’m daddy’s girl.

As the good daddy’s girl that I am, I sat on his lap with no panties.

He felt my hot little cunt right there on his lap as we giggled and laughed along with everyone else. A few family members know just how naughty I love to be, some just don’t have a clue. That added a level of excitement I always crave so much. My dad positioned the head of his cock to stick out and to be only covered by his shirt. So when I sat, I pushed back against him so that I could feel the head of his cock right on my wet cunt.

My uncle got everyone’s attention with a wild joke about his ex-wife so that my daddy could stick his cock through the crotch area of the pants he wore. That took a second and once done I sat down on it, I ached for his cock deep inside of me. I always love being a good daddy’s little girl. I laughed on purpose just to move around on him. To hide his pleasure he buried his head in my sweater every now and again.

Mom called for everyone to come to eat dinner.

Everyone cleared the room a little quickly, all but my uncle of course who stood there watching. Being such a daddy’s girl, I told daddy to stand up with his cock still in me and get two hard pumps, he came deep inside of me.  I sat next to him and my mom and gave him a hand job right at the table.

What incredible holiday fun right. It is just as good as the night and morning that followed with daddy, my big brother, and my dear uncle. Sharing my sweet little cunt with my family always makes my juices flow like crazy. According to the world, it’s wrong but to people like me, it’s so right.

What kinds of things do you like to do with your family? You can tell me. No judgment is ever past from me at all. Can you believe how wet my little pussy used to get when I was younger and enjoying his cock whenever I wanted? I have no problem sharing all of my kinky fun. Let’s have the best incest phonesex you will ever have. I promise it will be kinky, dirty and fun.


daddy's girl