The setting is the north pole and everyone gets what they desire.

Mr. and Ms. Clause are swingers that usually have fun but only Christmas time is the time of the year when they have exceptional fun. This kind of fun is had with whoever wants to join in, from their brothers and sisters to their aunts, uncles, mommies, daddies, and more. See with age at the north pole doesn’t come the old and withered. You age with grace but are still very agile.

Youth gives the grace of peppiness, firmness, the need to learn more. Aged gives you the ability of wisdom, skill, and a need to prove to the younger crowd. That includes whatever age suits your taste.

For Christmas in the North Pole, everyone gets to have their sexual pleasure fulfilled.

Mrs. Clause has been eyeing the lead elfe and his teen son for so long. Now Mrs. Clause can suck and fuck to her hearts content them both. With the both of them having a giantess fantasy, this is perfect. She picks one up to suck his cock until he squirts and puts the other on the counter so that he can reach her pussy. Every time Mrs. Clause climaxes, they both get covered in her tangy cream.

Mr. Clause loves to watch the women sleep when delivering gifts.

He sprinkles a cloud of sleepy dust over them and their husbands. The dust makes the woman’s titties grow and need for cock heighten and the husband do as told. Santa starts by tittie fucking the women until the husband wakes up. Santa then sticks his dick in a bag and when he brings it out it’s now two. One 12 inches from the 7 from before and soda can big and the other 8 inches and the with of a red bull can, also able to shoot cum like a water hose.

As the husband lays beside them just watching Santa shoves his two massive cocks in the woman’s pussies they scream and holler with pleasure. The women take Santas cocks in every position imaginable and cume all over it.


The husband is to clean up the mess and keed telling Santa how good he fucks his wife and that he’s too pathetic to do so.

Every time Sants cums it’s either in a cup, the woman’s mouth, her husband’s mouth, or directly onto his face. The thing about this that gives Santa so much joy is that neither of them will remember what happened both will cover the both of them and the wife’s pussy and ass will be sore and stretched open.

Reindeer wear dildo covers to fuck the younger girls who help keep them clean then lick the cum all up. With those antlers, they get to fuck several at once and have girls in a line up jerking them off too. It’s called Cum Filling Christmas Extravaganza and everybody gets and gives pleasure.

Of course, there’s forced bi, a lot of humiliation and whatever else come to your dirty mind.

How did you all like the sexy, kinky Christmas story?

Christmas is a time of giving and trust me when I say that I will definitely give you the best phone sex ever. Whether its incest phone sex, BBC phone sex, taboo phone sex, hypnosis phone sex, or whatever.