Taboo fun in my family is not just talking on the phone or going to gatherings.

Taboo fun is something me and my family always enjoyed so much. So many stories that I can tell but this time I talk about my loving brother. We started from a very young age, with mommies help of course. Touching each other, then looking at each other and eventually experiencing each other.

When we were caught that made it so much better. See my brother is 5 years older than me and loved playing when my little body. After we started fucking he made this rule that I followed every day. That was to wake him up with him inside of me. He woke up hard every morning and came into my room instantly. He pumped his thick cock in between my thighs while holding me from behind every morning.

We did it every day until we got caught.

That morning dad came into the room to get us up early for breakfast and saw that sweet interaction. He didn’t get mad at all instead he took his cock out and stroked it. I looked up to see him standing there with his cock in his hand. He started stroking it with seductive long strokes. I got so turned on I reached around and took my brothers cock and put it inside of me.

My brother took control and pounded my little cunt hard from behind and then filled it right up. My brother didn’t even notice dad until after we had finished. He had cum so much into his hand and with a smile of his face said ya’ll have breakfast is on the table. Then Dad went and fucked mom so hard after watching us.

SO every morning after that I would go into my brother’s room and lick his cock until it got rock hard. Sometimes I would rub his cock with a pair of silky panties or pantyhose because he liked it so much. When his cock hard I got on top of him and slid his cock in me and bounced on it. He woke up from me on him of course and always came almost instantly and most time he would just keep on going.

We craved it every day, even when I had boyfriends and he had girlfriends. We always got our taboo fun, pleasure from each other. I always look forward to our hot incest phonesex

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