When I found out Daddy loved Black Cum Eating.

Now I wasn’t raised knowing my Daddy was a Black Cum eating man. I found out through a bedroom door one night. I grew up like any normal kid on the block. Mom ringing the bell for my Sister and me to come eat supper. Spending long summer nights playing under the stars with the neighborhood kids. Kickball, tag and riding bikes all was the only thing on my mind. Then one night I heard My Mom moaning like I never heard her before. I ‘ve heard Mom and Dad have sex before. They are pretty sexually active. Tonight was different. I had to go take a peek. From the crack of their bedroom door, I saw Mom was on her back with her legs wrapped around another man! Not any man either.

There was a Black man on top of my Mother.

I was in shocked was my Mother cheating on my father? Did this Black Man give her more pleasure than my Father? Where is my Father at? When I went to bed he was home. How did my Mother sneak this man into our home? I was trying to explore all the options. Then I heard my other say, “Christopher, come over here and watch me take this Big Black Cock!” Oh My God did I just hear my Mother tell my Father to watch her get fucked. With a Black man at that!

My Father walked in from the adjoining bathroom an sat on the side of the bed.

My father actually had a hard cock. Was my dad turned on by Mom? Fucking another man? Was it because he is black? I was too young then to understand. What a black man can give a woman. What my father could never give my mom. Understand Why my Mom was enjoying it so much. What I did know is how much my Father enjoyed it till after my Mom took a pounding. Mom took that Big Black Cock like nothing I’ve ever seen. Her facial expression was pure pleasure. Dad just sitting there watching Mom Take it. That Black man had Mom in so many positions. Things I’ve never seen Dad do to her.


Mom was in pure ecstasy. 

The Black man pounded Mom. I heard him let out a loud grunt. He Grunted a few more times as he pumped into my Moms pussy. Releasing his Black seed into my Mother. Was my Mom going to be pregnant with a Black child now? Would my Dad leave her? As the Black man withdrew from my Mothers Pussy.

My Dad Bought his mouth to the Black man’s Cock! 

That’s the first time I learned my Daddy was a Black mans Cum Eating Slut! He sucked My Mommy’s pussy juice off that Big Black Cock. Along with the Black man’s cum. What was my Daddy doing?  He was sucking a Big Black Cock! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a huge turn to see my Daddy doing that. My mother enjoyed it as well. She was laying back rubbing her pussy with her fingers. Daddy shocked me again. As he lifted his head from my Mom’s Lover I saw him make his way to my Mother. He dove straight into licking my Mothers Pussy.

My Dad was Cum eating my Mothers Pussy

He was licking that Black Man’s Creampie out of my Mother’s cunt. My Mothers pussy was a bowl for a Delicious treat. Daddy was a Cum eating slut for a black man’s seed. He devoured Mom’s pussy. Covered in both of their cum. Sticking his fingers scooping all the cum out. Driving my Mother insane. My Mother came again on my Fathers face. My Mother an My Father was both enjoying a Big Black Cock. That wasn’t the only time that Black man came over. I cant tell you how many times I’d imagine taking that Big Black Cock myself. When I grew up I wanted to find a man like my Father. A Black Man’s Cum Eating Slut. What a lucky Lady my Mother is.

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