I’ve Always Had Kind Of A Cum Fetish

I’ve always had kind of a cum fetish. I do not practice monogamy, I like variety and need several lovers to keep myself entertained. So I’ve brought home cum in my pussy to my lovers before if I knew they shared my cum fetish. Last week I’d had an afternoon date with one of my lovers and had an overflowing cunt. Cream pie was on the menu for that night’s dessert for one of my other lovers. I walked in with a wicked grin on my face and asked him is he’d like some pussy pudding. He knew what that meant.

The Cum Started To Flow Out Of Me Into His Mouth

We headed to the bedroom, he got on his back and I mounted his face, my cunt lips drooling. The cum started to flow out of me in great, salty gobs right into his mouth. He loved it, and grasped my ass to bring me down closer to his mouth. He said he loved his surprise and he wanted to know if he could give me a load of his own. And  He never minded sloppy seconds. He pinned me down and fucked my pussy hard. I knew it excited him to fuck me with the cum of another man still inside of me. The gooey, squishiness of it around his cock really got him going.  Another fantastic orgasm and another load of cum was waiting for me.

He Gave Me A Big Wet Snowball Kiss

He dove back down between my legs and sucked the cum he’d just shot inside of me out. Then he came back up and gave me a great big wet snowball cum filled kiss. I enjoyed it just as much. I do have a cum fetish after all!   And I grabbed that dick he was getting hard again and began to suck on it hungrily.  I swirled my tongue around it to tease it he was soon throbbing in my mouth and I was getting the precum. I rubbed his balls in my hands, giving them a light squeeze as I sucked him.

He Drained His Nuts Into My Waiting Mouth

He had his hands in my hair, pushing my face into his crotch. I’d have to take as much of his cock into my mouth as he could get in it. I was thirsty for another load and I knew a big load was being brewed up in those balls for me. I flattened out my tongue and tapped the head of that cock onto it.  And I flicked that eye back and forth furiously, he was getting ready to drain his nuts into my waiting mouth. He’s a big cummer and I knew I was going to be getting a mouthful. I was feeling really dirty and I was going to do something he didn’t know about yet.

I sucked and I sucked and I was soon rewarded with that jizz in my mouth.  And I had a mouthful of it, he must have squirted a half a dozen times. I leaned my head back and I gargled with it before swallowing. Fuck, he about went wild when I did that! He said, “You horny bitch, you really DO love that cum!” I then gulped it and was satisfied. I was covered in it, my thighs were smeared with it. It was dripping out of the corners of my mouth, and he began to lick me clean. Yum, I do love that cum.

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