He Really loved Ass Play

I knew right from the start my boyfriend was really into ass in general. He asked me if I’d ever tried rimming.Or face sitting, using toys on guys, prostate massage. He was very open about his desire for all types of ass play and ass worship. I said I’d tried some of these things, but would be willing to get more into it if it turned him on. He was happy I was willing to experiment with these things. He said he had several prostate massager toys. One of his favorite things was to have me face sit on him while using a toy on him in the sixty nine position.

I Couldn’t Wait To Put The Toy In His Ass

I always loved to sixty nine, my pussy and ass, were his for the taking. He started by working his magic tongue all over my clit, and then I felt his tongue slithering into my pussy. His finger went into my ass. I tensed a bit, but soon relaxed and enjoyed his finger going in and out of me. I then started to suck on his cock, licking all around the head of it and tasting his sweet precum and massaging his balls. At the same time, then I reached over and got one his toys he’d brought along. The toy was on the bedside table. I slathered it with lube and then turned it on, I could feel the buzzing in my hand.

C.J. Ass play

I slowly eased it into his ass and he audibly groaned with excitement as I slid it in and turned it up a notch. His tongue started to lick my pink  asshole and swirl around it as his fingers massaged my clit and dripping cunt. I then felt his tongue stabbing my ass and go inside and I kept working the toy in and out of his ass.   He worked both my pussy and ass with his fingers and mouth. I sat back, fully face sitting on him, all my weight on him, I hoped he could breathe ok!

He seemed to be loving the attention I was giving his cock with my mouth. And his ass with the toy I was using on him. His legs were up, and spread, giving me full access to his nether regions.  I was doing my best to not only enjoy the attention he was giving me, but doing my best to please him as well.

Our ass play Got Very Intense

I kept slurping away on his cock, giving him an extra sloppy blow job. I was quivering on the verge of an orgasm from his toying with my clit and tongue fucking my ass. It wasn’t long before I exploded .And I came so hard all over his face.  He licked up every drop of my juices and he soon came himself. His dick and ass had been worked over good by me and the toy and we collapsed very happy and spent. Yes, it’s good to try new things and let your partner have their way once in a while .You just might find you enjoy it as well.

Cum Play With C.J.

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