Cum Fetish: I am planning my menu to sweeten up my man’s semen.

Cum Fetish: I have a secret little kink. All my adult life I have had a cum fetish. I’m not even sure if it’s a fetish or an obsession. When most girls are thinking about what they want for dinner, not me. I am planning my menu to sweeten up my man’s semen. So far, pineapple has been the trick to the most decadent cum shots. If I’m dating someone on a regular basis, he best believe that he will be eating this fruit daily. Well, that’s if he wants me to beg for another shot of man chowder down my hungry throat.
When I don’t get enough hot and sticky cum, I’ve asked for donations from men. I have a few heavy cummers that know how to please me the right way. For me, it’s not even all about the sex. It’s all about a few hand cranks on the big cock and a shot of cream. With my mouth open wide, I will catch-all that love juice right down my throat. Stroke that dick and bring the cream to the head. Make it sweet and nasty, and you can always come back for another release. My throat always needs a good hard pounding.

My cum fetish consumes me

One of the best feelings in the world is being a little BBC bukkake slut for a hot group of men. I had an ex-boyfriend once who allowed me this fantasy. On my birthday one year, he took me to a hotel in Vegas for the weekend. It was supposed to be just the two of us drinking and gambling. Little did I know when we arrived back at the hotel room, there were a dozen men waiting for me. I honestly thought he was going to have me gangbanged, but that was far from the truth.
Stripped of all my clothing and forced to kneel in the middle of our luxury suite, the city lights illuminated the room. It was almost magical watching them all stroke their hard cocks. Big dicks and balls all filled with candy for a hungry whore like me. I was salivating just waiting for the first cream shot. They called me a cum slut, and I lived out the fantasy. I am the kind of girl who needs a cup a day, and by the end of the night, I had a gallon to satisfy a hungry whore like myself. All those boys could come more than once.

Cum Fetish:  I also love having many loads of cum inside of me.

If you’re looking to make me happy, all it takes is a few shots of cream to satisfy my cravings. I also love having many loads of cum inside of me. Honestly, I want to feel it dripping out of my pussy, down my legs or pull it out and spray me down with your fire hose. I bet you will never meet a girl who begs to suck you off just so I can swallow a load of cum. Most girls complain and spit, not this one. Ready to cum? I’m in need of another dose of warm creamy semen for my cum fetish.
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