Cum Eating: Try It You’ll Like It

Cum Eating: I know you have thought about it. You have probably always wanted to do it. You have always wanted a taste of your creamy load but never had the balls to do it. Well, it is time we made it happen. Making you blow your hot sticky load is the easy part…….

First I will give you a nice slow wet sloppy blow job. Licking your cock all over, feeling it get nice and hard at the touch of my tongue and mouth. Your pre-cum will soon start dripping, I love the taste, it tastes so good and sweet. Put some on your finger and taste it. Then after you blow your load all over your hand I will make you take a nice big mouth full your cum. With my guidance, you will taste that forbidden yet delicious cum and roll it around in your mouth, savor it and then swallow it. You will love it so much, I will have you saying “I Wish I Could Suck My Own Cock!

I love sucking cock and I love it even more when you eat the tasty rewards I have helped you produce. Maybe the first time I can take it in my mouth and then we can kiss. Snowballing is so sensual and hot.

Maybe you are a real man and just curious? Or perhaps you are a twisted pathetic sub who needs a Dominant Milf like me. Will I make you jerk off and then force you to eat it?

Either way, I will guide you through a hot sexy call and you will be my cum-eater. You might become addicted, it may even become a healthy daily supplement to your diet. Call me and let’s get to it.


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