Cum eating for me and you make me so orgasmic

Sometimes you want the taste of cum in your mouth. Right? The best phone sex involves a little cum eating. It feels good too. It’s so warm and slippery. I like getting it all over my lips and nipples then sucking it off and swallowing it.

The best cum eating I ever had was with one of my ex-boyfriends. His cock could be classified as a big black cock, but he wasn’t black. His cock was thick at the bottom then tapered up to the head. It was long, thick, and strong. Cum eating with him was delicious. Especially when we shared it.

I would love it when he would kneel over my head with his hard cock. I would lie on my back and play with my pussy. His cock was so big I would have to use my hand to stroke it and suck it. It felt so good in my hand and mouth. So delicious. His pre cum was like magic silk. I would take a drop of it and bring it up to his mouth. He would love to lick it off. It made his cock even harder.

I knew I was getting him ready for some cum eating.

His pre cum would start to flow out after he tasted it. Once his balls were nice and tight I would pick up the pace and stroke and suck him faster and harder.

I love the intensity of the impending orgasm. He would start to moan and breathe so hard. His whole body got tight and ready to cum. My pussy juice would be dripping down my ass and on to the sheets. Right before he would cum I would rub my clit really fast back and forth and have an explosive electric orgasm.

My orgasms always made him cum so hard. His cum would be dripping down my chin, all over my tits, and of course down my throat. Cum eating tastes so much better when he would lick it off my tits and kiss me after.

Doesn’t that sound tasty?  Wanna try some cum eating phone sex

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