Cum eating is a craving that I can’t stop.

I love cum and cum eating, especially my own. At the beginning of tasting my own cum, I would just lick it off my fingers. Fingers that were sliding in and out of my wet pussy were becoming covered in my sweet pussy juice as they caressed my clit while going in and out. I would finger myself until I orgasmed all over my hand.

Several guys have told me how amazing my pussy tastes so one-day curiosity got to me and after playing I began to lick. MMMMM… My fingers were so wet and creamy. My pussy juice tasted so good. The next night was the same thing. I had to taste myself again. I never thought that cum eating would be me eating my own cum.

After a few nights of licking my cum off of my fingers, I wanted to try something different

I grabbed my strawberries out of the refrigerator. After sliding my fingers in and out of my pussy until I exploded with an intense orgasm I took the strawberry and rubbed it all over my pussy to cover it in my cum. Taking a big bite of the strawberry I never knew that getting creative with cum eating would be fun and exciting. I have now used bananas, cherries, watermelon, chocolate, and jalapeno pepper.

After using the jalapeno pepper on my pussy the warm sensation lasted all night. The feeling of my orgasm continued and didn’t leave me until morning. It was so nice and my sleep was so peaceful that night. Being open to new ideas you never know what I will put up my pussy for my cum eating experience. Do you have both a cum fetish and foot fetish? I will let you cum on my pretty toes, then you can watch me lick it off.  If you like this story you can read more sex stories xxx on my blog. Or if you prefer some good old fashion phone sex porn you can call me. Share your favorite cum sex stories with me. Wink Wink

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