Sex story about a night I want to forget.

My Sex Story That I’m Trying To Forget About Due to Regrets. Not everyone is perfect and I never claim to be. For this reason, I have some regrets in life. One of the biggest regrets happened when Michael was out of town with friends. Being alone on the weekend made me lonely so I decided to go dancing at the club. Walking in and scoping out the place I notice a hot, sexy guy standing at the bar alone. Deciding to go get a beer I walk up to where he is standing, trying to squeeze my way through. He asks me if I want him to order my drink.

This is where my sex story begins.

Knowing better than to say yes, I did anyway. He introduced himself to me. To be honest I don’t remember his name so we will just call him hot guy. The hot guy bought my drinks all night long. It is now closing time and I am definitely drunk. Now, this is where my sex story begins to go wrong. A hot guy offers me a ride. Saying no thank you came out of my mouth as yes, please. Oops! Arriving at my house I invited him in. Damn, did I really just do that? In my house I kick off my heels and being drunk I flop myself on the couch.

He began to rub my feet.

Oh no! what was going on? I could hear him tell me how beautiful they were right before I felt his tongue caress them. At the exact moment, I felt my pussy begin to tingle. Next thing I know he was sniffing them. No, wait, he was sniffing cocaine off of them. After we both did a few lines my sex story really began. We had sex. Not just any kind of sex. We fucked, we fucked all night long, in every room in my house, in every position in every room of my house.

 Bent over on all 4s on my bed I thought for a split second about Michael.

This guy who I couldn’t remember his name is pounding his hard cock in and out of my wet pussy in the same bed that I sleep next to Michael in. Blaming the beer and lines because like I said that thought was a split second thought. My pussy was getting pounded so good at the time that I forgot about my morals and just enjoyed his hard cock. More cheating sex stories are on my blog page and if you like what you read you can call me for no limits taboo phone sex.

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