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Getting her nice and wet he works his way up to her full plump breasts, squeezing and licking them.

Inching his way to her lips, but not before his soft lips kiss her neck. When his lips reached hers the kiss that they share is so passionate. The head of his cock is rubbing her wet clit. She is so horny and needs to feel him inside of her. His rock hard cock slid right into her wet pussy. They were moving together. Her upward thrusts met his downward thrusts making his cock slide in and out of her pussy. As he was pumping faster and faster she raised her knees grabbing her ankles. This brought her hips up to more of an angle. Giving him the right position to enter her deeper, letting his whole cock enter her. His balls were slapping her ass as he made love to her.

Not being able to help herself she wrapped her legs around his waist so she could pull him closer to her.

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