Cheating sex stories, I will explain to you about Michael’s addition to his ex-girlfriend.

He keeps going back to her so she can suck on his cock. The hate that I have for this woman is so extreme that if I were to see her I know I would not control my temper. Michael tells me al the time that he loves me and our sex life is the bomb. Telling me all the time that my mouth is amazing and that my blow jobs are the best he has ever had. The best he ever had, but yet he goes to his ex for them also. If my blow jobs are that amazing why is he going to Tanya and why is this one of my cheating sex stories? I will tell you.

Here is Tanya’s best-kept blowjob secret.

After all these years of begging for a reason, Michael finally told me the truth behind Tanya’s blow jobs. Trying to justify what he has done all these years, he starts to explain. Every mouth is different he says. Well DUH I am not stupid. Every cock is different but I’m not out there putting every different cock in my mouth. At this point, my blood and I wanted to punch him in the face so bad. Trying to calm me down, he puts his hand on the small of my back and pull me closer to him and gently kisses my forehead.

He knows what I like!

Taking deep breaths I let him go into more of an explanation. About 20 years ago Tanya had some serious medical issues. Yes, I am still listening, even though I really don’t give a shit about her damn medical issues. if he thinks that guilt is going to be a good enough excuse for him to cheat then he will have his own medical issues when I Lorena Bobbitt on his ass. Tanya had to have all her teeth pulled.

The Bitch doesn’t give blow jobs! She gives gummies!

I guess every mouth isn’t the same and every blowjob does feel different. My mouth will never compare to this, I will never be able to give him this feeling. My teeth are here to stay. She may be able to give him a gummy blowjob but she will never be able to give him a little bite to let him know who’s in charge. Oh no, I just hope I didn’t bite him too hard tonight.
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