Crazy sex stories equal poop play fetish and new experiences.

Crazy sex stories, I am a very open-minded person. Michael is also, so between the two of us we are always coming up with new ideas. Neither one of us really says no to anything, that leaves the possibilities to be endless. Let me tell you that we do come up with some crazy stuff to make crazy sex stories. This weekend I showed up at Michaels house after work. I was exhausted and needed a hot shower. He had other plans.

Asking me if I knew what an Alabama Hot Pocket was I knew I was in for an interesting night.

No shower until after he said. I was a little confused. He led me into the bedroom and had a plastic bag on the bed. We started to kiss and play. Suddenly he informs me that he has to poop. But he doesn’t get up and go to the bathroom. He squats and poops between my legs. This is where the crazy sex stories actually become crazy. Sticking his cock in the poop and ten in my pussy. He was filling my pussy with shit and then fucking me.

I could feel it oozing out the harder he fucked me.

Feeling his poop everywhere because it felt like it was traveling down my legs. Some people may call us crazy but we are not afraid to have fun. And if that means filling my pussy with shit so Michael can fuck the shit out of me then that’s what we will do, but you will never know the feeling of cum mixing with poop in your girlfriend/wife pussy until you try it. Trust me we are not the first ones to do it because it was already named. It seems like its done a lot. Some of the best sex stories are from learning new things.

Go check out the urban dictionary, look up Alabama Hot Pocket and see for yourself.

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