Cuckold is what I was for the night.

 A Cuckold, Yep, you read that right. Michael had friends over for the basketball game. Once that was over they decided to play poker. After a couple of hours, Michael had already lost 300$. He was broke now. He was sure the next had was going to be his lucky one but he had no money left. This is when his brain went into a shutdown and decided it was a good idea to bet me.

Yes, he told them that they could fuck me.

This bet was made without my knowledge. I heard them all screaming and laughing like little teenage girls, so I got curious and walked in. Informing me that Michael lost again and what he bet I was furious. How dare he? At least he lost to his friend LaVon. LaVon has a BBC and I have dreamt about fucking him. I was going to make sure that I made Michael aware of this. I was going to cuckold and make him watch. As we went int he bedroom I explained to Lavon that I had always fantasized about him.

I hope he lived up to my dreams.

Michael sat in the chair and watched Lavon undress me kissing every inch of my body as he slid my clothes off. I knelt down and undid his pants letting them hit the ground. Not missing a moment I took his BBC into my mouth and sucked it all the way down. I did choke a little. I told him that he was so much bigger than Michael and I couldn’t wait to feel that hard cock in my pussy.

He grabbed me up and laid me on the bed.

Kissing and licking my pussy I was so wet. He crawled up between my legs and licked my nipples working his way up to my mouth. I could taste my pussy juice on his lips. He slid that big cock inside of me, it felt like I was a virgin again.

I made sure to be a good little cuckold by telling him how much better he was than Michael.

Letting him hear that LaVon was fucking me so hard that I actually squirted. That is something that Michael could never make me do. I am going to begin an ongoing cuckold relationship. Do you want to read other hot sex stories? Check out my blog site. Then we can have our own naughty fun with your favorite phone sex operator.

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