Just a kinky couple with the same cum eating fetish

cum eatingI’m not the only who enjoys cum eating so does my husband. But why would any man want a load of cum in their mouth? Do you kiss your woman after she sucks your dick? You do realize it’s not far from the same thing don’t you. Just because she swallows there are some traces still left on her lips, and tongue. The only difference is you didn’t get a mouth full but you did get a taste! Even if you didn’t blow a load into her mouth you still dripped precum. I bet you didn’t complain after that kiss she gave you so obviously the taste of cum doesn’t bother you. My husband loves it just as much as I do! I expect it from a cuckold like him. We are a kinky couple that love to explore.

I love cum sharing

He does whatever it takes to make me happy. I can see how much he cares about my happiness every time he sticks a cock into his mouth. He’ll lick and suck until that cock gets hard enough for me to ride. Of course he’s an amazing cock sucking whore but I did teach him every thing he knows. Sometimes we both suck cock together. He even lets me fuck other men because we both get enjoyment out of it. While I fuck another man he watches on he knees patiently waiting to lick me clean. There are several ways for couples to indulge into cum eating. You can get it from my snowballing, licking out or off your wife, or straight from the cock itself. Personally we love all these options!

Giving him a taste

One of my husbands absolute favorite ways to eat cum is when I kiss or spit it into his mouth. Oh he’ll take it any way its offered but mouth to mouth is his favorite. I’ll usually let the guy blow the first load inside me and my husband cleans me. As for the second load I usually have him blow it into my mouth then spit it into my husbands. I do the same with my husbands load, I suck it right out of his cock and spit it right into his mouth. Hey don’t knock it until you try it! Nothing like getting a mouth full of cum. I did warn you I’m a kinky girl with lots of kinky fetishes. Looking for a kinky cum eating couple to play with? Or maybe a light bulb came on and gave you a role play idea your just eager to try. Fetish phone sex queen Kelsey await your call!

Maybe cum eating right off the feet? I’m the ultimate foot fetish partner