Lesbian foot fetish exploring fetishes with my college roommate

Men aren’t the only one with a foot fetish. I got the pleasure of exploring a lesbian foot fetish in college. Since I like women just as much as men it’s no surprise her sexy feet turned me on. Watching her sitting on the edge of the bed slipping on a sexy pair of heels teased me. I had to fight the urge to push her down and remove her heels and play with her feet. One night I finally got my wish. She was too drunk to take off her heels and I was happy to lend a hand. I pulled her heels off her feet but I didn’t stop there. She let out a soft moan while my hands rubbed into the arch of her foot. My hands stayed rubbing into her feet gently and sensually as I watched her enjoy the pleasure.

Bringing her foot up to my mouth I licked and sucked her toes. Her feet were too sexy to resist putting them in my mouth. One by one sucking her toes and sliding my tongue between her toes. But I guess I wasn’t the only one with a lesbian foot fetish because she had no problem pushing me back and slipping her sexy feet against my pussy. The pleasure I felt feeling her feet rubbing into my clit still makes me wet today. Her toes pressed against my cunt but then she used those toes to fuck me. It was almost an instant orgasm and I left her feet covered in my sweet juices. But I made sure to clean those sexy feet with my tongue. I’m not ashamed to admit I like the way I taste which is why I slipped her toes back into my mouth.

I slid down her panties and slid my bare foot against her bare pussy and she liked it too. She squirmed feeling me fuck her with my toes. I used my big toes to massage her clit before slipping my toes inside her wet pussy. I’m ready to tell you more about my lesbian foot fetish and my other fetishes over some adult chat. Don’t forget to check my hot cum eating stories. This kinky girl has all the kinky sex stories you need.

Kinky Kelsey