Your Ultimate Foot Fetish Partner

If you got a foot fetish I’m your girl. I’m not just going to jerk you off with my feet we are going to explore every detail of your fetish. When I say spoil me I mean give me the royal treatment like I deserve. I’m your queen and you will worship me. My cute strap on heels are open toe and you can see my pretty feet in them. I know you love sexy feet in some sexy heels You begin admiring my feet in my heels just smelling them and touching them. I make you unstrap my feet from my heels and you start licking and smelling the inside of my shoe. Your a good clean up boy. You love the taste of my feet. You start by taking your hands and begin massaging my soft gentle feet.

Every queen loves a foot massage you watch as my eyes roll into the back of my head and I start moaning. Your hands massage up and down my feet and you even rub down to my toes. My feet are perfectly pedicured with red toe nail polish and soft to the touch. You bring my feet up to your mouth like a good boy and lick from my heel to my toes then I feel your tongue sliding between my toes and it makes me feel like a queen to be pampered this way. One by one you suck my toes while I lay back and enjoy the pleasure. I feel your mouth kissing from my toes to my heel. My feet begin rubbing all over your face, my soft gentle feet rubbing into your cheeks. I take your dick out and I begin rubbing my feet against it.

blog1Your cock sliding between my feet and right against my arch then you feel my toes wiping across your cock head. I don’t want you cumming now but I can’t wait to feel that warm cum spray all over my feet. This is one hot foot fetish that will give you a mind blowing orgasm. I’m always ready for some kinky adult phone chat while we talk about the fetish that drives you wild. If you love soft pretty pedicure feet then you’ll love foot worship with me. My bare feet are waiting while your reading right now. Lets explore you kinky fetish and make your cum together but can you handle it?

Lesbian foot fetish super hot!

Kinky Kelsey