He Said He Was Interested In Cum Eating

This guy I’ve been seeing has spoken of cum eating a few different times. But like many guys, he always chickens out before tasting his own cum. I decided to make him do it. cum eating with C.J.And he was not going to have a way to back out from it, either. I’d decided to be a bit playful and suggest some bondage and he was game for that. He didn’t know anything else was going to be happening, which of course made it even more fun for me. I tied him up spread eagle on the bed and was stroking his cock. I was teasing him and he was loving every minute of it. Groaning away as I rubbed my thumb on the head of his cock in little tiny circles.

He Was Begging To Be Allowed To Cum

I didn’t want him to cum yet. I had to bring him to the brink of orgasm and back again several times. He was begging to be allowed to cum and I promised him he would indeed be cumming. But there was going to be a bit of a change in plans. He looked a bit puzzled, but I told him not to worry about that now.

I laughed before I sat down on his face and told him to lick my pussy and make me cum. His tongue teased me and suckled on my clit as I humped his face. I was horny as fuck and could feel my juices pouring out of me. Making his face so wet and slippery. He made me cum very hard and I got off of him. And he again started to say how badly he wanted to cum. And how he wanted to try the cum eating when he did. But he’d said that so many times, but always lost the desire right after he came. This time there would be no backing out.

He Was Confused But I Had A Plan

I untied his feet from the bottom bed posts. And he thought I’d untie his hands next, but I did not. I started to lift his legs up and told him to help. And make like he was riding a bicycle and get them up over his head. He was laughing and a bit confused, but did as I asked. His hands still tied up to the top bed posts. I then reached over and began to stroke his cock again. It quickly grew rock hard from its semi flaccid state it had gone down to. I told him all his talk about cum eating had given me this idea, that tonight was the night. And unless he swallowed his load, I would not allow him to cum.

I had him built up to quite a frenzy already. I’d brought him to the brink several times and I was ready to finish him off. But only if he opened wide and took his own load in his mouth and swallowed down every single drop. His horniness was at a peak level and I knew he was about to shoot his load. And I commanded him to open his mouth wide and he did. Then he then set off several squirts and they landed right in his mouth and I yelled at him to swallow, which he did. It was a cum eating success story and he did it.

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