Domination Makes Me So Hot!

I was looking on some of the naughty websites and one of them had a classifieds section. I was reading it over to see what was there and was intrigued by an ad seeking a “dominatrix helper.” I wondered what was entailed in such a job, so I emailed the ad poster and was further intrigued once I heard all the details and the generous pay. I decided to apply. I was given a time and place to meet and was given a tour of a dungeon of sorts when I arrived and shown the outfits I’d be required to wear. It was all a little odd,domination turned me on but it was clear that this could get pretty hardcore but the pay was good and I wanted to earn more money.

I had some personal experience with boyfriends and domination in the bedroom, but a paying gig was a bit different to be sure. The Mistress asked if I was ok with things like whipping the clients, chaining them to the walls and putting them in leather masks and making them crawl around on the floor on all fours and making them beg and all sorts of fun stuff. I said I’d do my best and so my domination training began. I grew to quickly enjoy the tasks and the power that came along with them. The pay was good and some clients even let me generous tips for a job well done.

C.J domination

One man came in seeking domination and tease and denial, not an uncommon request, so I was given the task of teasing him for a few hours with no release, he was literally begging to cum after a couple of hours. He said he’d pay extra, so I discussed it with the Mistress and she said fine, he’d be allowed to cum, but he was going to have to be further degraded to be allowed to do so. He was to be chained to the wall, upside down by the ankles and made to cum in his own mouth. I told him these conditions. He was so worked up and horny he of course agreed to it.

I got him chained up and his cock was absolutely purple he was so engorged. I whipped at him with a flogger for a while around his genital region and he finally said he could take no more and he needed release. I said alright. I grabbed at his cock and gave it a hard squeeze, his balls were all tightened up and filled with his cum and then I started to pump it in my hand and the drops of precum were dripping onto his chest and stomach and his breathing indicated he was ready to blow his load, so I quickened my strokes on his cock, up and down, up and down, circling the head of his cock with my thumb, moving it in slow, tiny circles driving him insane. I told him to open his mouth wide and all of a sudden he blew a huge load and caught almost every drop right in his mouth and I demanded he swallow it, which he did. Licking his lips and taking it all down. I soon unchained him and he went on his way, another satisfied domination customer to the dungeon.

Cum Play With C.J.

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