Tara married My Brother about 7 years ago. I was a bridesmaid at their wedding. I can remember watching my brother cry as she walked down the aisle to him. How happily in love they were that day. They had that special connection that everyone wants. Only in their late 20’s and lucky enough to find their mates for life. It’s 7 years later & still happy n love. I had no clue in till the night Tara & I went out together what kinda of relationship they had, However, I have to say it is an interesting one. I will never be able to look at my Brother the same again! Cuckolding was Tara favorite past time.

Tara & I had been close over making some Christmas projects together for the family. I knew she went out on the town from time to time. Just never knew what kinda fun she brought home. In till the night, she asked me to go out with her. I was kinda excited, Tara seemed very outgoing & a lot of fun! Her hair was cut in a retro short style. That cool grayish color. She was about 5’4 and no more than 150 pounds. Always giggling & never shy. Shes just the type you know if you got her drinking A lot was gonna happen.

Tonight I had every intention of finding out, Tara & I got ready at my house. She called My Brother Robbie in told him she was gonna be late & to put the kids to bed. We got dressed. I had on these cute Jeans that had a dragon down the side & a Low cut top so my tits were looking good. Hoping I would see some action tonight, Tara had on this cute skirt short but classy & a backless top. She was looking Hot!

As we walk into the club I can see guys turning their heads. Like they knew who she was & dicks where getting hard. This was gonna be a good night I could tell! I followed her to the bar. We ordered Whiskey sours to start our night. Down them with a Jager chase. Straight to the dance floor, Tina was a great dancer. I had No Problem grinding up on her.  She was Smokin Hot, Pretty soon we both had guys Up and griding on us too. I was starting to feel the drinks & going with the flow.

Tow guys drew interest with us, Steve & Will. Will was a Tall Black guy. Who was quite handsome. Dressed nice & aimed to please. His dance movies were delish! You could tell he had rhythm. Steve was shorter than Will but Very cute redhead. Who couldn’t resist a Ginger! Nice shoulders, & abs. I knew Will was gonna be mine tonight!

Tara decided it was time to leave & we had the boys follow us to her house. I wasn’t even thinking of Robby. Maybe I just thought Steve was gonna be Wills wingman. Hanging out talking to Robbie & Tara while I fucked the hell out of Steve. I don’t know what I was thinking except I wanted to feel Will’s cock pound my pussy.

We got into Tara’s house & Tara suggest us to go out back where the hot tub was. I couldn’t wait to get it. I started stripping as soon as we got to her back deck. Will & Steve was jumping in soon afterward. Both were nude & both had their hands all over me when Tara & Robbie walked out. Tara saying Hey Boy, Save some for me. Robbe sat in a chair on the deck as Tara undressed, What was going on? Robbie was watching Tara get undressed climbing in a hot tub full of Man meat. Was she going to be a Cheating Wife right in front of her husband? I honestly didn’t care much at this point boys, men were all over me & I was hot an horny!

Tara climbs on the side of the Hot tub & called Steve over to her. Just danging her legs in the tub. Spreading her legs wide open for Steve to bury his face in her cunt. Will & I saw this so he started to work also. Plunging two fingers inside of me. God, I was so horny & craved something anything in my pussy. Will Finger fucked my slut hole until I couldn’t take it any longer. Taking his hand & leading him over to a chair. Straddling his lap & sliding down on his cock. Stretching my pretty pink pussy down his shaft.

As I rode my BBC Cuckold I heard Tara tell Robbie something. Who knew what she said honestly I didn’t care. All I could do is feel this Black Manmeat holding my ass as he thrust up into my pussy. However, right then I felt a tongue Licking my ass & pussy as I was being worked over. I  leaned into Steve giving into the please as Tongue & Cock was taking my cunt. I felt that BBC pound me harder in hard as that tongue worked his shaft. OMG, this felt amazing. So Amazing I lost control & squirted all over that cock & face within a few mins. I also felt his cock start twitching as he exploded inside of me holding me onto that cock. I felt that tongue lapping all those sweet juices as it ran out of my cunt.

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As that cock slide out of me, I turn to look thinking it was Tara. What I saw I will never forget. It was Robbie with his cock out jerking it as he was lapping up the cum juices coming out of my cunt. WTF? I scanned the room & saw Tara bent over the hot tub facing us getting fucked. She looked at me & said just go with it. You know you liked it! Cuckolding is his thing! I couldn’t believe I was watching my brother slurp up my cum filled pussy. I fucking got off again just knowing he was.

The night went on & on. Trading partners between Tara & I. Robbie just sitting with his cock out jerking his meat. Never allowed to touch her or I. Accept to clean or smooth or swollen pussies. You could tell he was made for Cuckolding. I wanted to fuck more & more just to watch Robbie clean me dry. He loved cum and couldn’t get enough! It was one of the hottest Nights I’ve ever had. Tara ordering Robbie to sit in wank his cock as she got the Cock she deserved. When the men got soft she ordered him to Suck them hard again. My Brother was love being Cuckolding. Like a Good boy, he was doing everything he was supposed too. It was a HUGE turn on for me. I cumed so many times that night just watching my Brother be a sissy bitch.

Cuckolding began one of my favorite things to do too! Over months, & months we used My brother over & over. I can’t wait to find my self a Sissy bitch & make him watch as I take Real men too! Then let him clean up the mess my lovers made. Any man I meet will love as much Cuckolding as I do!



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