Lee loved watching his cuckold wife getting her pussy stretched by thick, throbbing cocks!  But tonight, it was his turn to get his cock wet in something new!

My friend at work, Lee approached me about his cuckold wife.  He didn’t know what to do, she was out of control.  He would come home from a long day of work fucking anyone she could find.  It was hot, and he loved watching her pussy get stretched by her big-cock boy toys, but she would fuck them, he hadn’t touched her in months.  He tried reasoning with her, asking her for just one night alone together, but she was so caught up in the thrill of a different cock every night, she had forgotten his.  The plan was simple, he was going to do a little role reversal with the help of my scrumptious little pussy!

I had always thought he was attractive in a cute, sad little way.  His cock wasn’t so tiny that is wasn’t worth my time.  Luckily, he wasn’t into forced sex! He had a solid 7 in, but no girth…whatever, this opportunity was too good to pass.  It may end his marriage, but I was going to get my pussy wet, so who cares? His wife was working late, so we went out to the bar after work.  He was more than excited to finally get his cock wet for the first time in so long.  

The more he drank, the more lost his hands were on my body.  

Tucked at a table in the corner of the bar, his hands wandered up my dress and I heard a gasp when he finally worked his way into my tight kitty, and God – did his hands make my kitty purr.  It was getting closer to his wife coming home, so we headed back to his place.  He worked me so well with his hands in the bar, that I pulled his cock out and gave him the best road head I could muster during such a short trip from the bar to his house.  I hope he could keep from cumming before his wife came home, my pussy dripped at the thought of his cuckold wife ‘s face when she walked in to see me bouncing on his cock.

He took me back to his room and began kissing me with the passion of a depraved man.  It wasn’t long before his fingers had found their way back in between my legs.  I crawled onto the bed and sat by his pillows on my knees, he crawled after me and his lips met my perky nipples.  Goosebumps covered my round, soft tits as he worked his tongue around my areolas.  I propped some pillows up and had him come sit up.  As I was settling onto his rock hard cock, we heard the car pull into the driveway.  

He began pushing his cock deeper into me as I worked my hips, riding him reverse cowgirl so that the first set of eyes she met were mine.  

Her jaw dropped as his cuckold wife saw his head roll back, entranced by my sweet little pussy.  I never stopped grinding on his cock while she was yelling, questioning what the fuck he was doing, wondering how he dared to fuck another woman in her bed.  My pussy instantly exploded when I heard him growl for her to shut her whore mouth and get down and taste all the cum I was pumping on to his cock.  Her tongue glided over my clit, making my pussy squirt all over her face.

“How do you like seeing what’s yours getting rammed into another pussy?  Look at how hard her tight little pussy squeezes my cock, tell Claire thank you for making your husband’s cock feel so good! Keep your whore face down there so you can watch my cock pummel her sweet little pussy.  When I cum I want you to lick every drop of it out of Claire, understand, slut?  You get to be the cuckold tonight, my slutty little cuckold wife!”

“Yessir!” she moaned, as she lowered her face down to where our bodies were colliding.

He let out an almost primitive roar and I felt his cock throb inside me as he was dumping his load deep in my pussy.  When he rolled off of me, she began devouring his cum out of me.  I have never had my pussy eaten with so much excitement, my body quaked with every lap of her tongue on my clit.  I couldn’t help but fuck tongue while it was inside me, I reached down and snatched her up by her hair and began grinding my pussy on her face.  My clit began to pulse as I felt my squirt splash onto her face.  She had loved every minute of being Lee’s little cuckold wife!!


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