Forced Sex is usually upsetting, but for me, it’s a huge turn-on!

Forced Sex is always a touchy subject, but has always been hot to me.  The idea of forcing myself, a small little blonde girl onto a man, gets my panties soaked.  Forced Sex has gotten me hot ever since the time I realized I could make any man fuck me and never have any consequences for fucking their brains out.  Most guys are grateful afterward.  Even if they weren’t so willing, to begin with. I had never considered I could make a man fuck me until my friend had a husband she wanted to get rid of.  She needed to catch him in the act of cheating to get his money.  I was more than excited to help. I knew her husband had a giant cock and I knew I would cum all over it.

My friend left her house for a weekend away and that was my window to act.  She really was just staying with me and was going to come with me so she could get the money shot.  I called her husband and told him I was having plumbing issues and needed a place to stay.  Being the nice guy he was, he had no arguments about me coming to sleep in his house.  He let me right in and we stayed up late and drank and laughed.  Unfortunately for him, he had no idea that he was gaining a crazy sex story to tell his friends about!!

The good husband didn’t advance on me at all, regardless of how much liquor he drank.

Desperate times called for desperate measures, so I followed him to his room when he headed to bed.  I snuck behind him and, in his stupor, he wasn’t hard to knock onto the bed. He screamed and wailed and as much as he tried to fight back.  He was too wasted to push me off of him. I was already naked.  He was in his boxers so once on top of him, it only took a quick hand movement to pull his cock out of his boxers.  He was struggling, but couldn’t quite fight my hand off his cock.  It didn’t take much to get his dick hard as a rock.  He was scared and knew that he was going to be a victim of forced sex, but also knew he couldn’t push my vicious little ass off of him.

The struggle made my pussy drip, so it took no effort whatsoever to glide his cock into my tight little pussy.  The more he pushed to try to flip me off of him, the deeper his cock went into my juicy pussy. Once I started moving my hips and he realized that my pussy squeezed around his cock better than his wife ever does, he stopped fighting.  He relaxed enough that I could make this experience enjoyable for him and he began moaning as I kissed his neck.

He leaned down and started sucking my nipples and even grabbed my hips and started moving them to the rhythm his dick liked best.  

His wife had snuck in through the unlocked front door.  She made it to their room in just enough time to see him moan my name and shoot his load deep inside me. She even snapped a pic of his face while he was cumming. My friend may have gotten all of his money, but he realized he loved having forced sex with me.  Still to this day when he’s lonely, he’ll leave his door unlocked so I can sneak up to his room and rape him for his precious cock juice!

Have You Ever Had Forced Sex?

Do forceful little girls turn you on?  I’m always a little heavy-handed when I fuck – read this fetish blog and call me! 


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