Our Fetish Maybe a Little Dangerous, but the Risks Makes my Pussy Drip!

We’re like most couples, we have our fetish fun, but unlike most couples, our fetish takes our breath away!!  The other night, we went to a bar and had some drinks and when we came home, Aaron grabbed me by my throat and threw me down on the couch.  Now most girls would have started crying and screaming…my panties just got wet.

Aaron climbed over me and ran his fingers through my hair as he kissed my neck and started working his kisses down my chest.  Aaron pulled my tits from my bra and out of my dress and his lips began to work toward my hard little nipples. His fingers tangled themselves in my hair as he yanked my head back by it.  

His other hand began rubbing up and down my panties while his tongue lapped at my nipples.

Aaron yanked my panties down and started moving down toward my pussy, so I grabbed him by his hair and pushed his mouth onto my pussy lips.  Aaron’s tongue pushed his way in between my pussy lips and started licking my firm little clit. He reached up and started squeezing my nipples while I rocked my hips up and down his tongue. Aaron licked down and slid his tongue into my yummy pussy and I couldn’t help but squirt right into his mouth.  Apparently, Aaron also had a cum fetish, too because he moaned as my juices hit his tongue.

Aaron sat up on his knees and started crawling in between my legs while his hand moved up and down his cock.  He wrapped his arm around my leg and pushed them back as he slid his rock-hard cock into my tight little pussy.  Aaron groaned as he started moving his hips quicker. We love having hot, steamy, rough sex!  Suddenly I felt Aaron’s strong hand squeeze my bouncing titty and hoped he was ready to indulge in our more dangerous fetish.  

My pussy pulsed on his big cock as he moved his hand toward my neck. 

I felt his body weight shift into the hand around his neck. My head spun as he pounded away at my tight little pussy, squeezing around his dick even harder.  He allowed me some air and suddenly my body quivered as I gasped, left squinting from the pussy juice splashing off his dick. I reached up and yanked Aaron down, then kissed him while I pushed to roll him onto his back.

I climbed up and mounted his throbbing rod and reached down to grab his throat while I slammed my ass down on every inch of his dick.  Aaron pushed himself up and held my neck, pulling and pushing me up and down, struggling for air against my grasp. My pussy gushed and clutched his throbbing cock as he pumped his cum deep into me. Both of our eyes grew, knowing that when we indulged in our kinky little choking fetish together, we cum harder than ever!


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