This Kinky Sex Story just goes to show what a girl will do for a friend in need!

I have a sex story that will rock your socks.  Once, a boyfriend of mine went to prison and wouldn’t be out for a couple of years.  He knew I would never wait for him, but he also knew that no one would turn away this tight little pussy, so to help him out for the last time, I was going to smuggle a phone and some food in for him.  

The plan was simple, I was going to stay by the prison for a couple of weeks and befriend one of the guards. He told a guard that I was in town and needed to be shown around and because he was in tight with the guard, it wasn’t long before I got a call to go out with a man named Al.  Al came by and took me out to dinner, I smiled and laughed at all of his bad jokes. I made sure that we had a great time and I wore a low cut, short blue dress and took every possible chance to show off my goods.

Al had such an amazing time that I brought him back to my room.

 Turns out – Al had a wife and kid at home, so while he was in the bathroom I went through his phone and took his wife and boss’s number.  Then I set up a little camera I brought and rocked poor Al’s world.  Come to find out, Al liked getting tied up and getting his little ass torn open by pretty little girls.  I was sure to go on a couple of dates just so I could get amazing footage of me treating him like a lovesick little fag. Maybe I would make him have gay sex and tape it… This sex story was going to be front page news if he didn’t do what I told him.

Things started to get really steamy after date number three…

After our third date that week, things got really steamy and I had Al dress up like a sissy boy and fucked his man pussy for hours.  He wore a pink bra and panty set and neon pink, tight tube-top dress. I did his makeup and put pretty pink eyeshadow on him and bright pink lipstick on his hairy lips.  Al was going to be my sissy slave for the night.

Eearlier that day, I bought a collar and leash for him. I walked him around my room and for treats, he got to sniff my yummy little pussy.  It was so much fun doing everything I could to humiliate poor little Al. I made him lick my feet and pissed on his face, all right in front of the camera.

That little fool smiled pretty for our front page sex story!!

Once I knew I had proof he was a little cock-loving queer, I threatened to send the videos to everyone.  At this point, I had his wife’s phone number, his mother’s phone number, his boss, his pastor, all of his friends, his in-laws, I had everything I needed to completely ruin him…Al was in for a hell of a surprise.  He thought he was showing me a good time, I couldn’t wait to see the shock on his face when I told him I was going to tell everyone about our dirty, kinky, sick little sex story….

Keep an Eye Out for Part 2 to See How Al Reacts and What I Make Him Do!


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