I loved being the slutty college girl..

College girl adventures were always so much fun. I was at this weird line between innocent and naughty. Every time a line was put in front of me, I crossed it. Every time there was someone I shouldn’t flirt with, I went for it. Whether it was someone to blackmail, someone to seduce, or just general fun that I shouldn’t be having… The adventure was right there for the taking. It started innocent enough, when I was younger and bored, looking online for something to do.. I got exposed to an entire world of naughty older men that loved showering me in attention. After a little taboo fun, I just couldn’t back away from it.

I loved being their little slut.

And I kept the act up all through high school and beyond it, until I was a little college girl in search of a thrill. The same curiosity brought me to try on phone sex! And the same curiosity led me to flirt, seduce, and manipulate one of my older professors.. It was amazing to have so much power in the palm of my hand, just from flirting and showing off. Hell, I’d say I’m still addicted! I love the darker side of it too – turning something to innocent and fun, into something I can blackmail someone over.. And it’s fun to give in and enjoy it, too! I always loved playing with older men, so being turned into someone’s little young tease has always driven be absolutely wild..

Maybe I’ll just have to keep exploring, see what other little kinks are hiding underneath. After all, one thing turns into another.. And if I’m not someone’s sweet sugar baby, I can be their dark, dominating mistress. I love the sheer possibility of turning it all back around on the drop of a dime.

Come play with me. 

Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

Craving a little quality phone sex, baby? Tell me all the dirty little secrets you can’t tell anyone else..