My Experience with Blackmail Sex Stories was just beginning,  I was completely humiliated, who took all these pictures of me?  Who was “The Warden?”

I was mortified when I realized I was going to be one of those girls with blackmail sex stories.  It was my freshman year of college and I had decided to rent a room with a girl I knew from high school.  Her dad rented a house for her to be closer to college but not have to live in dirty, cramped, dorms.  My friend and I were excited to have our own house and my parents talked with her dad about me living there and they approved the living arrangements.  The deal was simple – all the costs were split in half and her dad would come and check on us once a week in case we needed anything.

I didn’t have a lot of time for boyfriends or parties, so when I was alone at night I would pleasure myself to take the edge off.  That semester I learned more about my own body than I did in class.  I was a common customer in our local sex store and bought myself all types of toys to enjoy.  For hours I would play with my pussy!  First, I had suction cup dildos I would attach to a chair and ride.  Also, I had vibrators I used on my clit and on a good night I would need 3 towels to clean up all the cum I pumped out of my pussy.

I knew exactly where my g-spot was and abused it.  I was so good to myself, sometimes I would just rub my pussy with a vibrator while reading my textbooks, just to have something to do while I studied.  The cameras in my room caught every minute of all my pussy play and that’s why I have so many blackmail sex stories.

I came home one day to find a manila envelope on my bed, with my name on it.  

I asked my roommate where it came from and she had no idea what it was.  So I went back to my room and opened it.  And found stills of my pussy gushing all over a 10-inch dildo I was fucking on my chair.  Another one with a book in one hand and my other hand rubbing my pussy.  This was the start of all my blackmail sex stories. There were stills from all kinds of nights I thought I was playing with myself to just me.  In it was a picture of 10 DVD discs and a note that read:


   I have seen everything.  I know you are a very perverted little girl. If I don’t get what I want, so will the rest of the internet.  Don’t you know I could make a lot of money selling all the footage I have of you playing with your pussy? But first, I will send your parents every bit of recording I have.

   If you want to keep your moments between us, then you need to be in your room and naked at 2 am on Thursday night.  Do not go to the cops, your parents or your friends about any of this, or everything will be uploaded immediately. If you are not naked and sitting in your chair by 2:05 am this Thursday, I will email everything to your daddy and show the whole world what a nasty little whore you are.  

Daddy will be really upset to see where your allowance has been going, don’t you think?

Be there or I will ruin your life with ten clicks of my mouse…

The Warden


The Warden?  Who the hell was “The Warden” and why would they do this to me?  What was going to happen Thursday Night at 2 am?  I was annoyed and humiliated.  Was The Warden watching me right now?  

I quickly asked my roommate if she had received a manilla envelope and she said she hadn’t.  She quickly packed up her mat and gym bag to go work out.  Would she do this to me?  Who else would have a way to get all of these videos of me?  Was I really going to sit naked and exposed waiting for this predator on Thursday night?  I grabbed my pillow and blanket and slept on the couch that night.  Of course, I made sure to keep my hands out of my pants.  

Come and get the answers to all your questions in the next HOT installment of Blackmail Sex Stories: The Warden was Watching pt. 2


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