Blackmail Sex Stories always get my pussy wet, and this story made my pussy juice like an orange!

Blackmail Sex Stories are always kind of grimy, but – what can I say?  I found my out and used it. I had a boss who had me in a very strict contract, I was offered all sorts of opportunities elsewhere, but couldn’t afford to break out of her contract.  What else could I do but wait it out long enough to have some dirt? So – I worked as her assistant and I mean – worked! I worked days, nights, full 24-hour shifts at times. I was at Ms. Nadane’s beck and call.  Of course, there was the usual dirt you get on people in this line of work.

She chewed her nails, she had an unkept closet, but those just weren’t good enough. I needed jaw-dropping dirt, I needed something that would make her heart race and her brow sweat.  Ms. Nadane, by brand, was a traditionalist, so when I found lesbian porn on her computer, after getting screamed at for an hour to fix the virus she had downloaded, I knew I had what I needed.

I downloaded all of the porn she kept on her personal accounts and studied them.  

This sick woman actually got off on taking advantage of assistants, secretaries, single moms with rent due, the list went on.  So I knew what I had to do, I had to give her something to take advantage of to get the leg up on her…and my legs were going to go way up!  So I waited until she called around midnight and wanted me to deliver ice cream to her at her home, a common task that I was more than sick of.  When I got there, she wanted me to serve her the ice cream, so I dolled out scoops into a bowl for her and sat next to her after I handed her the bowl.  

That was a risk in and of itself. I told her this sob story about how I became addicted to online gambling and was on the verge of losing my apartment. I begged for a $4, 000 loan.  She smiled wryly, not knowing that when I sat my phone down on the table – it was recording. Everyone in the world could see my goodies, as long as I could get away from this vile woman.  This was going to be one of those blackmail sex stories that would change a girl’s life!

I was sure to wear a mini pencil skirt and a very low cut button-up. 

While she was explaining that loans that large require collateral, and a method of payment, she was dragging her fingers over the seam of my pencil skirt.  She said she’s been waiting since I started working for her, for this opportunity, and told me she would pay my debts if I stripped completely naked. Ms. “Queen of Proper” Nadane took a glob of ice cream onto her spoon and rubbed it all over my nipples.  

The surge of cold instantly cause them to stand at attention, and Ms. Nadane leaned in to suck the cream off of my rigid nipples and slid her hand in between my closed little pussy slit. She asked me to lay back on the couch and rub the ice cream around my swollen little clit.  As much disdain as I had for this women, she knew how to treat a pussy. She bent down and lapped up all the melted deliciousness and took extra care to make my clitoris swell in anticipation for my final release. She stopped and told me to go get into her bed.

This was not how I envisioned my blackmail sex stories to turn out!

Ms. Nadane pulled a plethora of toys from under her bed and demanded that I allow her to cuff my legs back behind my head, giving her full access to my pussy and asshole. (told you I was going to get a leg up)  First, I put my phone onto her nightstand was sure to ask again if this meant I could have my loan, to which she agreed, again! Looks like I was going to get to cum all over this cunt’s face, and walk out on her all in the same night!! She grabbed a vibrator and shoved it into my tight little asshole.  I hadn’t signed up for that, but once her tongue was caressing my clit, how could I argue? She had completely stripped and straddled over my face. Her sour pussy was soaking my face as I flicked my tongue over her clit.

She grabbed a buttplug…

She stretched my asshole around it, then started working the vibrator in and out of my pussy while she ground hers onto my face.  I had Ms. Nadane squirting down my cheeks in no time. She was loving every second of getting to taste my pussy while cumming all over me. She got off of me and licked her pussy juice off my face and then dragged her tongue down my tummy and spent the rest of the night pumping squirts of my pussy. 

The slut finally had enough and untied me when my body was shaking the bed with every orgasm.  She went to the desk in her room and pulled a checkbook out of her drawer. When she handed me a $4,000 check, I tore it up and laughed. I told her now it was going to be time to discuss the terms of our next agreement and I came again seeing the look of horror on her face when I told her this was all a ploy to get out of my contract. Needless to say, this was one of those very successful blackmail sex stories!


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