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Babysitter sex stories are always so cheesy, but I lived one and it awakened everything I love about sex right now!  It all started when one of my mom’s friends needed me to watch their 5-year-old. I immediately agreed, excited to have money to go shopping with!  My mom’s friend said her and her husband would be out late, so it would be best if I came to watch the little girl and stayed the night. My mother agrees, of course, glad to get rid of a kid for a night.  

That Friday they came and picked me up to go to their house.

They were going to a friend’s bachelorette party and we’re going to be home until well after midnight. Lilly, the little girl, and I watched movies and played Candyland, we ordered pizza and I was able to get her snug in bed by 9.  It was a super successful night as a new babysitter! Once Lilly fell asleep, I browsed the internet a bit and started watching a couple of movies, but I was so bored! I decided to innocently look through my mom’s friends’ room. Their bed was so fluffy and soft, and they had a mirror on the ceiling above it! This was the coolest room ever!  I started going through their dresser and found Blythe’s Lingerie collection.

I slid on her garter belt and fastened some fishnet stockings into the straps.  

My legs looked amazing! I figured – why stop there? – and found a sleek, black corset to squeeze into, I was so impressed by how well I tightened the straps.  I looked in the mirror, shocked to see my already perky tits lifted even higher by the corset. But this outfit was missing one thing – shoes! So I looked through Blythe’s closet, she had sexy, knee-high stiletto boots that were laced in front.  Blythe’s feet were a bit bigger than mine, but when I finally stood in front of their mirror, I realized I looked amazing!

I looked over to Blythe’s nightstand, I knew she had to have a vibrator in it, that’s where grown-ups kept their toys, right?  I rummaged through the top and middle drawer, just to finally hit the jackpot when I opened the bottom drawer.  Lying on their fluffy, soft bed,  I looked like a little porn star. I turned on their vibrator and had just started rubbing it on my clit when I realized Blythe was standing at the door – watching me!!  Babysitter sex stories are always hot, but this one is getting ready to get completely fucking kinky!

I froze when our eyes met and Blythe came over and ripped the vibrator out of my hands.  

I went to stand up but she yelled at me to lie back down. She came and sat on the bed next to me and told me she should tell my mom about me going through their things and putting on her outfit.  Blythe eased closer to me while she was chastising me and grabbed me by my hair. She said she wouldn’t say anything if I just stayed still. She started kissing my neck and when I tried to push her away she said she would call my mom right that second if I didn’t give in.  

I asked her what her husband, Tony would think and she said he had passed out downstairs when they came in – he would never know. There was nothing I could do, I was stuck in one of those babysitter sex stories! She was kissing my neck as she yelled at me and her lips sent shivers down my spine.  Blythe kissed down my neck and squeezed my tits as she pulled them from in the corset.  Here I was about to have my first hot lesbian sex experience!  Her tongue danced around my nipples as her hand worked its way into my wet, throbbing pussy. She whispered in my ear that she was going to make me cum harder than I ever had before.

I knew other babysitter sex stories but never thought I would be a part of one!

 Her fingers moved around my wet little clit and into my tight little pussy. I told her I had only ever been with one guy before, but he wasn’t very good and never made me cum.  She was moving her fingers in and out of me slowly and laughed as she moved in between my legs. She licked around my lips, making me moan. Then her tongue finally pushed my lips open and she began lapping at my soaked pussy.  She toyed and teased my clit while she pushed her vibrator deep into me.

It wasn’t long before my pussy gushed all over her face and hungrily throbbed as if it was begging for the vibrator to pound into it. Her hand moved faster as her tongue began working on my clit again.  My pussy was gushing all over her face and I was writhing on her bed like she was exercising a demon from my young little juice box. I was moaning and groaning and squirted across the bed when I saw Tony leaned against the doorway, rubbing his cock…

If you love kinky babysitter sex stories, you’ll keep an eye out for part 2 of this steamy night…

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