Sketchy Sex was never my plan, I just wanted to go to a nice dinner and meet new people, but the Whitney had other plans!

Sketchy Sex is every girl’s nightmare, but my story was just beginning when I met my friend, Eva Whitney.  Everything in town was touched by the Whitney name, her family was extremely influential in our community.  I was completely shocked when Eva befriended me, seeing as I wasn’t from a wealthy or influential family.

It was our senior year in high school and we were as excited as every other 18-year-old about to adventure into the world.  Eva often had me over to her house on the weekends. We rarely saw her parents. This particular weekend, about two months after Eva and I started hanging out, her parents were home. She had some homework to finish, so I sat and spoke with her parents for a while. They seemed to really enjoy my company and asked me to stay for dinner.

At dinner, her mom kept going on about how pretty I was and her dad eagerly agreed.  

I am a gorgeous girl, so this wasn’t new to me.  What was new for me, was that her parents took me to the side that evening and asked me to come to one of their private dinner parties.  They made it clear it was an adults-only party.  They asked me not to tell Eva about it, discretion was key!  Eva’s parents said they were going to send someone to take me shopping for my outfit.  They asked me to approach my parents discreetly, telling them I was going with Eva.  I was nervous, but was excited to be around Mr. and Mrs. Whitney!  They practically owned our whole town and they wanted to spend their precious time with me, how could I say no? I knew this situation was odd but could have never guessed it would lead to sketchy sex!

I knew something was off when I walked into an upscale lingerie store.  They said my outfit would be ready the night of the party, I just had to show up early to get ready. When  I arrived at Whitney Manor around 3:00 and they dressed me in a minidress of just gold chains dangling over my body.  I had nothing on underneath but felt incredibly sexy.

I was realizing that this may not be a regular dinner party.

Mrs. Whitney came to make sure everything fit and to approve of my hair and makeup. She sat down with me and explained that they were a part of a very special club.  All of the most important people in our town would be there, she made me sign a non-disclosure agreement, then gave me $5,000 in cash.  She made it clear there were conditions for taking this money. I had to be everyone’s party favor and do exactly as I was told if I took the money.  To any 18 years old $5,000 is practically a million, so I readily agreed. I suddenly put two and two together that this was an invitation to a sketchy sex club.

I was to wait upstairs for Mr. Whitney.  When he finally came to fetch me he clasped a golden collar around my neck and ran his hands under my gold-chain dress and caressed my pussy.  I was too intrigued to turn away when he said that this was his tonight.  He led me down the stairs by a golden leash and I blushed when I saw my principal, the superintendent, the chief of police, the mayor and a few men and women I didn’t recognize.  

It really was very important person in my town.

Mr, Whitney led me to the dining room and had me climb on top of the table. This dining room table was different, though.  When I lay down I saw that there were shackles screwed into the table.  Mrs. Whitney hurriedly closed the shackles around my wrists.  Everyone surrounded the table and a well-dressed woman went to the head of the table and started stroking my pussy. I looked around me and saw several men pull their cocks out of their tuxedo pants.  I. felt myself getting wetter at the thought of taking so much cock at this sketchy sex party.

The woman leaned down and began licking my clit fervently until my principal walked over and said that he’s been wanting to play in my pussy since my senior year.  He slid his rock hard cock up and down my slit until I felt him slide his cock into my tight little pussy. Everyone stood around and watched me squirt all over his cock as he pounded my cute little pussy.  The Mayor leaned in and started sucking on my nipples, causing me to squeeze my pussy even harder around my principal’s cock.

I felt my principal throb in my pussy, as another man walked over and started tonguing all of his cum out of my pussy.  

Next thing I knew the mayor and the superintendent were shoving both their cocks into my pussy while a woman was flicking my clit around. Everyone touched and poked and kissed all of my holes.  It wasn’t hard to see that I was the dinner.  I now knew that I fucking loved group sex!  This night of kinky, naughty sketchy sex ended with Mr. and Mrs. Whitney, alone in their room. I still have the taste of Mrs. Whitney’s pussy in my mouth from her grinding it onto my tongue while her husband pounded into my little teen fuckhole. It was a night with no inhibitions and tons of hot, steamy sketchy sex, I loved being their slave girl for the night and was dinner several times after!!


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