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I had a little pet once, and she gave me all the lesbian sex I could ever dream for.  We started as friends, just a couple of college girls fucking, but then I decided I wanted to keep her!!  She waited for me to come home from work every day.  When I came home she would meet me at the door with her leash, and I would walk her into my living room and relax in my favorite chair.  Every day she would poke her head under my skirt and eat my pussy all night.  

I would make phone calls, eat dinner, read or watch tv and all the while she kept her tongue on my pussy and her fingers wet with my juices.  If she misbehaved or didn’t meet me at the door, she would receive punishment.  However, if she was a good girl and worked hard to make my pussy cum, she was very, very well rewarded.

On this day she was a very good girl, I came all over her pretty face, even her hair was soaked in my pussy juice.  I allowed her off her knees to make me a drink and when she brought it, I was so drained that I drank most of the glass in one gulp.  Next thing I knew, she was calling my name.  I realized when I came to that I was tied to my bed.  

I looked over my shoulder and saw her standing there with my strap-on on.  

She was very quick to tell me that she finally wanted to try being my mistress for one night.  I half-heartedly fought my restraints, but my pussy was beginning to moisten at the thought of the teacher getting a lesson from the student.  It was exciting to imagine how far she was going to take this.  I wondered what kind of kinky lesbian sex we were going to have.

She grabbed one of my whips and began lashing at my ass.  I yelped in pain but I could feel my pussy getting excited with every smack.  She moved the whippings from the top of my ass down to my pussy lips after five or six light lashed to my tender pussy, she gave me one last hard whap.  She grabbed my wand and held it to my swollen clit, she moved in and kissed me with her soft, luscious lips.  My pussy exploded all over the wand, and that was exactly what my baby wanted.  

She grabbed my rope and looped it around my waist to tie the wand into place.  It was relentlessly vibrating my clit. I was fighting at my restraints and bucking, trying to get the constant vibrations off my pussy.  She climbed onto the bed and wedged her cute little pussy in front of my face.  I knew she wasn’t close to being done with me. Be sure to read about all the fun lesbian sex we had in my next installment!


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