lesbian sex stories with DanaLesbian Sex Stories Are Even Better When They Include Domination

Don’t you just love good lesbian sex stories? Most guys do, they often ask about any lesbian experiences when they call. I’ve worked as a dominatrix before, but of course most clients are men, which is fine. But I do enjoy a lady once in a while. So I was pleasantly surprised the other day when I was told my next appointment would be with a lady. I don’t often get female clients, so I knew I was going to have fun with this one! She came into the room and seemed a bit timid, but she also looked pretty eager to get started.

I Used Restraints And A Ball Gag

I decided to get her tied to a bench and use a vibe on her. This is a special vibe, it’s so powerful that some women can’t even take it. I grinned and thought to myself, she’s going to take it whether she knows it or not. I told her to undress and was she ok with me restraining her? She was fine with it. How about a ball gag? That’s fine too. Good. I was going to take her to heights of pleasure she hadn’t yet experienced. And she wouldn’t be able to say no once she was tied and gagged. This would make a good, lesbian sex story to share with my boyfriend when I got home.

I got her down on her back and tied her up and gagged her. And then she saw the size of this huge vibe I got out and switched on. He eyes grew as wide as saucers as I put it near her ear so she could hear the powerful buzz of it. I ran it down to her nipples and they became erect and stood out. And down her tummy and down to her pussy. She squirmed at the power of it.I teased the outside of her cunt lips without touching her clit just yet. It was so strong though, I knew she’d be able to feel it in her clit even without direct contact.

This Was Bringing The Sadist In Me

I then held back her pussy lips and saw her throbbing, wet, stiff and standing up clit. And I laid the vibe right on it. Even with her ball gag in, I could hear her squeal as I pressed it into her sensitive clit. And it wasn’t long until she was going wild, bucking as best she could given that she was tied up. But I knew she’d be appreciating it, even though it was quite the intense pleasure. I knew it was a bit much, and yet the bit of a sadist in me wanted to push her over that edge And I did.

She was soon screaming, but with the ball gag in it was all muffled. But she came hard on that vibe and I continued to press it into her. Even as she came, right through her orgasm and then I finally took it off and let her breathe. She was panting as she struggled to get her bearings and catch her breath. But I then removed the ball gag and she said that was the most intense orgasms she’d ever had. I said lesbian sex stories like this happened regularly at a place like this. But this one had been fun for me, too.

Sexy LiL Dana

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