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My wrists were raw, and my pussy was swollen, this was a night of rough sex I will never forget.  He brought me here promising a good time, and Jesus Christ, it was amazing.  I was a little apprehensive when he pulled out all the ropes, but I obliged – I had been tied up before…just never by a man like him.  He was the real deal, he was going to torture and play with me until my pussy gushed relentlessly.  Most girls would have been scared when they walked in his basement and found a bed with a steel frame.  I was just excited.  He opened the dresser drawers and I realized, the whole dresser was just ropes and shackles and toys!  I instantly began to get moist at the thought of having real, hot, rough sex!


He tied me to the bed frame with my legs spread and behind my head.  My pussy and asshole were exposed and there for his taking.  He grabbed a cane and began hitting my ass, my body surged with pleasure after every hit.  Then he slowly began caning my whole body with quick, stinging smacks.  He hit my thighs and my legs, he hit my stomach and tits and took extra care to smack my nipples a few good times.  He then pulled out a wand and another rope and tied the wand right over my clit.  Pleasure surged through my whole body and I released.  I saw my pussy squirt across the bed, and his cock was obviously getting hard.  Our BDSM sex stories get so hot!!

He loved torturing me before we had rough sex.  


He pulled a riding crop from his drawers and began to smack my asshole.  My pussy juice dripped down the crop.  He again moved up my thigh, down my leg and began hitting my feet and toes.  I have never seen my pussy squirt as far as it did.  I was a bad girl who loves mixing pleasure with pain and he could tell.  He undid his pants and eased his cock into me.  My squirt splashed up from his cock.  My pussy obviously impressed him!!

He began fucking me hard, like a good little whore who behaved for the night.  I could tell he was even more turned on by watching my skin welt into the perfect imprint of his hands across my body.  He was marking his territory, he knew he had just taken this pussy as his, for as long as he wanted it.  With the wand still on my clit, my whole pussy vibrated for him and with every slap, my vibrating pussy clung to his long, strong cock.  He kept his cock in me the whole night, loving my tight, wet, quivering pussy and tortured me with every tool he had available.  He loved that he had a new rough sex slut to get his cock wet!!


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