I Guess You Could Say That My Teasing Went Too FarCasey Had Forced Sex Fantasy

I’m a waitress at a nice restaurant and there’s some pretty good looking bus boys and waiters that also work here. I love to tease them and sometimes “forget” to wear panties and bend over so they can see my goods. Half the time they are trying to hide their erections when they are serving customers. And they have blamed me for riling them up and then they appear unprofessional. Well last weekend some of them decided to get some revenge on me. And I was on the receiving end of some forced sex. The restaurant was closing and I was on my way out. One of them stepped in front of the doorway to prevent me from leaving. I said to please step aside so I could go home. But not only did he not step aside, he grabbed me and pushed me into the employee break room.

There Were Six Of Them And I Couldn’t Get Away

I was greeted by five others that were waiting for me in there, they had planned this. And I tried to leave but they were a lot stronger than I was, and how could I possibly fight off six men? I couldn’t. They said they were sick of my no panties bit. And a few customers had even complained to management about servers with erections at the table level. And how this was not appropriate. They blamed me for this. They said I liked to tease, well this was the result of the teasing. So they hoped I’d like it.

They Were Rough On Me

I soon was having my clothes ripped off of me. And was pushed back on the break room table on my back. Two of them held my arms down and I was fucked by the other four one after the other. Then they held my arms and the ones who had been pinning me down took their turn. Forced sex can be a bit brutal, I had cocks rammed down my throat, jammed in my pussy. Loads of cum splattered all over my tits and my face and even in my hair. I wasn’t wet, so it hurt, they were rough with me and really forced sex on me against my will. But I just had to tolerate it as I couldn’t escape. The one waiters cock was really thick and stretched me a lot. The cum from them all was dripping down the crack of my ass.

This Was Forced Sex

After they all had a go at me and filled me up with their multiple loads of cum. They started leaving and were saying how I “deserved it”, I gathered up my clothes and staggered out the door. And then got to my car and drove home in a daze. I decided my teasing them had gone to far and that I shouldn’t do that or things like this could happen. I didn’t return to that place again, but learned my lesson and never did anything like that again. Some guys just can’t take teasing, and it’s not worth it. Forced sex isn’t something you want unless you really like it rough, and while I thought it was fun to tease, I never thought things would go this far.

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