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When we have cuckold phone sex I tell you my husband really is nothing compared to you. You seven and a half-inch girthy fuck stick would feel so good inside of my pussy. However, he is being quite the shit today when it comes to you fucking me isn’t he? I know the perfect way to get back to him. How about we duct tape him to the chair and we force him to watch as you plow his wife. I think that is a great idea.

That way as we fuck he can sit there and suffer wishing that he could make me feel as good as you do. I will kneel right in front of him and suck on every inch of your cock. I want him to really understand how big you are I want you to make me choke on every last inch of you. Then let me lay on his lap so he can get an up close and personal view of just how good it looks when your thick dick stretches out my cunt. Then, after you fuck me over and over, you can stuff me full of your cum. However, we are not done with my miserable husband yet, are we? That’s when we can call my son in here, and he can fuck me right in front of his father too.

“…he can fuck me right in front of his father too.”

It’s sad when a son supersedes his husband, isn’t it? My son shows his father that he can fuck his Mommy more than he could ever fuck his wife. Those two have always been in a rivalry, but now that it’s been laid to rest. My husband is nothing compared to my son. My husband is nothing compared to you. Both of you make me cum in ways that my husband has never and will never be able to make me come. Continue to use me like your little whore. I will continue to force him to watch in anguish as his wife gets satisfied over and over again.

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