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My cuckold gets fucked up the ass quite frequently now, but it wasn’t always so! Jamie used to play shy and prudent when it came to anal and things like that. Playing with other men was a huge no-no. But he was eager to try it. Because, of course, I knew he secretly liked it. Why else would he enjoy watching me fuck and enjoy other cocks? He secretly wanted that big cock for himself, too. And of course, he was already a panty boy, so I knew he had a little feminine streak to him! All in all, my little boy toy Tommy knew he wanted something more than just watching me. He wanted to experience the black cock too. So, he grew to be submissive too.

He craved the kind of fucking from the porn videos. Jamie adored the cuckold gets fucked video searches. He littered his phone search history with them, and it piled up with favorite videos, too! I did my digging. How could I not? I wanted to investigate and find out what kind of little sissy sub he was. I quickly got my answer with his search history. There were buckets and buckets of big black cock videos littering his phone. To make it even worse, most of these had the girl barely as an accessory! He was full in on the forced-bi scene. And, of course, it was heaven to him.

So, I let him live his fantasy.

I invited my big black fuckbuddy over for a day. By then, I already knew the kind of limits my subbie had. He’d spent plenty of time jerking off to fetish phone sex and begging for all kinds of crazy things, but of course, he was too shy to try a few of them in person. However, it was time to ease him into it all, slowly. The first day I invited my fuckbuddy over, my subbie’s jaw dropped when he walked into the room. All his favorite cuckold gets fucked scenarios flashed through his mind in an instant. Jamie stared, trying not to let my fuckbuddy, Cedrick, know how much he wanted it. His cheeks blushed, and he still stammered.

But the cat was out of the bag. Let’s be honest, Jamie instantly popped a boner the second he realized what he might get to see in person. At first, he thought Cedrick was there to fuck me. And he did get up close and start touching and kissing me, but that’s not all he did. As he groped my ass, he looked right to my subbie, staring him down. He gave him the fuck-me eyes, no doubt. And once again, Jamie turned into a blubbering mess. He stuck to his cuckold gets fucked fantasies. Then, to his dismay, Cedrick pulled away from me. He turned his attention to Jamie and looked him up and down. Honestly, he grew hungry for it, for the experience of fucking a little sissy.

And he walked right up to him.

Jamie stuttered mid-sentence as he looked up at him. The games were over as Cedrick put his big hands on him and pulled him up. Easily, he hoisted him over the bed and put his ass up in the air. Then, he brought his hand down harshly to give him a spank. All at once, Jamie begged for it. He was finally thriving. He lived his cuckold gets fucked fantasies. All with a black guy, no less! I helped yank his pants down to his ankles, and that’s when it all got real. As Cedrick rubbed his bulge between Jamie’s cheeks, he became a sputtering, begging mess again. “Please- oh my god- that feels so big!” He couldn’t even come up with a full sentence; he was in bliss.

Of course, he didn’t fuck him raw just yet. First, he teased him with the feeling of his bulge against his cheeks. Then he rubbed it slowly and spun him around. Like all things, he made Jamie start by sucking his cock. That big black cock flopped out in my subbie’s face and smacked against his lips. And then, the fun really started. He tried to adjust to the size of that big cock in his mouth. Inch by inch, he finally worked it in. Then, Cedrick pulled out slowly, and spun him around once more. That big black cock finally entered the little twink’s ass, and it was all history. My subbie fell in love with it; he loves taking cock like a sissy bitch. And Cedrick fucks Jamie all the time now.

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