There’s never enough cock for a cuckold boy.

Cuckold boy just loves to leave me alone sometimes..and it’s always for a little too long. His name is Brian and I think he secretly has a kink for leaving me alone just so that he can come home to find me cheating. I mean, I get it, I have plenty of cheating sex stories that he loves to hear, and I know he’s a cuckold boy and he loves the idea of me taking a big black cock. I know it drives him wild to think about licking cum out of me, and he loses his mind when he actually gets to do it! But lately it’s gotten even more intense. He’ll encourage me to go shopping online and order all sorts of things, because he knows our local UPS route driver is a tall, sexy, black guy that I always flirt with at the door. I can’t help it, he’s just my type. And I’m not ‘exclusive’ with Brian anyway. Do I really look like the type to hold down a committed relationship? No! Of course not! I’m too much of a flirt, and he knew that from the get-go. 😉

So this little cuckold boy gets to have the best of both worlds. To start with, I’m not the jealous type, and I don’t want to tie him down at all.. So if he happens to want to wander off, he’s free to! But he won’t, because I’m the one doing the wandering off, bringing home any guy I can find..and purposely letting him come home to me fucking the UPS delivery man. Yeah, I’m not subtle about it at all. I wanted that cock since the moment I met him..and Brian finally got a taste of what it feels like to get home from a long, hard day, and find me completely naked, sweating hard in doggystyle as I get every inch of BBC that he wishes he could be taking. I love seeing the little thrill in his eye when he catches me in the act. There’s not an ounce of anger or betrayal there, he fucking loves it.  What a little fucking slut! He didn’t even consider leaving the room last time, so I let him sit next to us and watch.. maybe next time I’ll let him get what he really wants. He always gets the spoils of lust, but it’s time to let him finish the job for me.

Come play with me.

Cuckold boy