The best kept secret of cheating sex stories.

Cheating sex stories are something I have surprisingly few of. I’m not really the relationship type of person, but sometimes I find it worthwhile to make an exception. The issue is, once I get bored, I don’t really find it necessary to cheat.. I just leave. That has left many a broken heart behind, though. So, I tried doing something different for this story. Instead of flat-out running off and pretending I never liked the guy, I just cheated. Worse yet, I also seduced the guy I cheated with, so that he was cheating too. It was a little loop-de-loop, cheating guy, cheating girl.. I’m a firm believer in that anyone worth having is already taken, so fuck the morality of it! Play around as much as you want!

Clearly, that doesn’t float everyone’s boat.

But in this situation, the guy I was playing with was totally into it. It was our little secret, and a fun little affair. My boyfriend just wasn’t the type of bad boy that I have a weakness for, and he just didn’t get as rough as I needed him to! And this guy’s girlfriend was a very good girl, but she lacked that little dangerous edge that I give off. So, the relationships were both pretty stable, but we needed something more. It all started with a little flirting text, a few pictures, a few late night talks.. Soon enough, cheating sex stories were wishing they could be as naughty as we got on a daily basis. I was showing up to his work at lunch, hanging out with him as a friend, and fucking him in the bathroom every other day. I was his dirty little fantasy, and he was mine. My phone was absolutely filled to the brim with dick pics from him by the time we called it off! And I know a lot of girls don’t like that.. but I do. They’re like little trophies. 😉

Come play with me. Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

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