In case you missed Part 1 –

…Marcel please, please give me that big black cock!”  Finally giving in to my pleads, he plunged that cock deep into my tight, wet, warm pussy.  It was the most incredible feeling I had ever experienced. His huge dick sliding in and out of me, over and over, was amazing.  For a few moments I had forgotten about Johnny, but it seems he was  just as distracted as I was.  I could tell he extremely turned on watching Marcel’s cock disappearing into my tight cunt.  Marcel began fucking me harder and faster until my pussy was clenching on tight around that cock, me screaming in ecstasy as I came harder than I ever have.   I was so wrapped up in the moment, I hadn’t noticed Sean rubbing his dick through his jeans at the foot of the bed.  Johnny leaned down and whispered in my ear, “You think you can handle another one baby?”  The thought was so exciting that I almost came again right then.

Sean was smaller than Marcel with a darker complexion, and not as good looking, but had an incredible body.  He was very fit and I couldn’t believe when he took his jeans off that his dick was almost as big as Marcel’s.  Knowing he hadn’t cum yet, I wasn’t sure why Marcel was moving out of the way for Sean to take his place.  Sean had other ideas, though.  He grabbed that big cock, a fistful of my hair, and forced it down my throat.  Mascara colored tears were running down my face as I choked on it, relishing in every delightful second.  Once his cock was covered in my slobber, he quickly turned me around, pushed my face into the sheets and pulled my ass up to him.  He shoved that cock in my pussy, groaning loudly.  The size difference was barely noticeable between him and Marcel.  They were both so huge, like nothing I’d ever experienced.  Johnny slid underneath of me and began licking and sucking on my clit as Sean fucked me.  This sent me over the edge and I came so hard, all over Sean’s big black cock.

Marcel sat down on the bed, grabbed a hold of my hips, picked me up and placed me on top of him, my back to his chest.  He leaned back, laying down on the bed and reached around in front of me and started rubbing my pussy, his lips soft on my neck and his hard cock rubbing against my ass….I wasn’t prepared for what happened next when he rammed it inside of my tight little asshole.  The pain was overwhelming at first, but soon after, Sean nudged Johnny to move over and proceeded to shove his cock inside of my dripping wet pussy.  Having both of these huge black cocks filling me up and stretching me open more than I knew possible was so indescribable.  Sean was rubbing my clit while Marcel played with my tits and nipples, sucking and kissing on my neck.  I glanced over at  Johnny who was staring in amazement, his cock was rock hard.  Soon after, I could feel Marcel’s cock twitching and his cum shooting up inside of my ass.  Sean started fucking me harder and faster, thrusting that cock deep inside of my cunt.  I tightened up my cunt muscles and started cumming again, harder than ever before, as soon as I felt his cock throbbing,  he grunted a few times and unloaded his sticky hot mess inside of my pussy.


Johnny appeared to be in awe of what he had just witnessed… this was his ultimate fantasy.  He always wanted to see his hot little blonde girlfriend being manhandled and fucked raw by these huge black cocks.  I grabbed his hand and pulled him over to me, I told him I wanted to lick my pussy clean.  I was surprised it didn’t take much convincing.  He got on his knees, pulled my ass to the edge of my bed and dove in.  I wrapped my legs around his shoulders, pressing his face into my cum filled pussy.  I could feel his tongue sliding all the way from my ass to my clit, licking up all that delicious creampie.  He slid his tongue inside of my cunt, making sure to get every last drop of that cum.  Once he was satisfied I was clean, he crawled up on the bed over top of me, leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “Happy Birthday”, gave me a kiss on the cheek and headed back downstairs with the guys to finish up their poker game.