I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t 100% thrilled that a large percentage of my callers have cuckold fantasies…you know who you are! Nothing turns me on more than reliving my cuckold days with my smokin’ hot ex-boyfriend.  Johnny had poker night with the guys every 3-4 weeks and tonight it was to be at our place.  I didn’t tell him, but I HATED it when all his friends came over.  They were loud, obnoxious, crude and just plain messy.  He knew it was my birthday and promised to make it up to me in a BIG way the following night because it was too late to change plans on all the guys.  I reluctantly agreed…thinking he better have something super special lined up.  Normally I go out with some of my girlfriends when he has them over but just wasn’t up for it tonight.   The guys started piling in and I figured if I was going to tolerate them tonight I may as well join in on some of the fun.  Johnny was mixing drinks and poured me a Long Island – my fav. I finished the first one pretty quickly and asked him to make me a second.  I knew it was starting to hit me because I couldn’t stop giggling and was getting super horny.  I stood behind Johnny and started rubbing his shoulders, eventually leaning down pressing my tits against his shoulders and whispered in his ear, “I want your cock in my mouth right now”.  He told the guys he was going to take a quick break and he followed me up the stairs to our bedroom.

All that rubbing must have gotten him pretty worked up because he barely made it to the door before he proceeded to rip my blouse right off of me and hike up my skirt to get to my panties off. We must not have realized the door wasn’t closed all the way because next thing I know Marcel, one of Johnny’s better looking friends, starts slowly opening it.  Marcel was the poster child for tall, dark and handsome.  He was about 6’3″ and 270 lbs of pure muscle; amazing brown eyes, yummy chocolate complexion and a sexy, deep voice.  He started walking in…I could see his cock getting hard under his basketball shorts. At this point,  Johnny has me straddling him, riding his cock, tits bouncing in his face.  I’m not sure if it was the heat of the moment or too much tequila, but I didn’t care.  Johnny caught me staring at Marcel’s shorts, which were growing tighter by the second.  He asked if I wanted to touch it..of course I did!  I tried to hold back my excitement, but I’m sure he could tell.  Marcel couldn’t get his shorts of fast enough and I could not believe just how HUGE his cock was.  It was a good 10 or 11 inches long and really thick..I immediately reached out for it and started stroking it.  Johnny whispered in my ear that he wanted to see my mouth around it.  Without hesitation, Marcel scooted in close to me and I wrapped my lips around that huge cock.  It was soo big I could barely fit the head in my mouth.  Precum started oozing out of it, I hungrily licked it all up.

Johnny knew I was just waiting for him to tell me that he wanted to see that big black cock in my tight little pussy. He told me Marcel could fuck me if I sucked on his cock at the same time.  I eagerly hopped off of my boyfriend and laid on the bed awaiting Marcel’s bbc.  He started sliding his slippery head  along my pussy lips…grinning to himself.  He slipped it in just a couple of inches and pulled it out back out..teasing me.  I begged him for it, “Marcel please, please shove that huge cock in my pussy..please Marcel I want more…….”

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