Cucked husband has to come to terms with his new place

Cucked husband 101; if you have a tiny cock, you’re never safe.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together.  Someone can come along and take your wife just like that.  He just needs a bigger cock.  It happened to someone I know in a biiiiig way.  Let’s call him Ted.  Ted was a faithful, dutiful husband who worked hard to keep his wife comfortable.  In exchange, she tolerated his 3 inch cock.  That must have been super hard.  To feel NOTHING during the act for ten years.  Poor woman.  Fortunately, he salvation came to her wielding a black, thirteen inch monster.  All of those years of loyalty went right out of the window when it owned her pussy from her sweet opening to her neglected depths.  He’d fuck her so good that she’d pass out from cumming so hard.  Pretty soon there just wasn’t any space for her cucked husband.

Especially in the bedroom.

That’s right.  The new alpha kicked hubby right out of his own bedroom.  What was he going to do about it.?  What could he do about it?He’s lucky she stuck around for as long as she did.  When the two whipped their cocks out, there was no comparison.  Ted looked like a child compared to his wife’s new man.  But that’s not the end of it.  See, Ted was SUCH a bitch that he was assigned bitch duties.  Here are just a few.  Every morning at 7am, he’d have to worship his replacement’s balls with his tongue, going over every square inch while contemplating how inferior his own package was.  You can’t forget breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  There was also taking ALL of their cars to be cleaned and serviced if need be before returning to ball worship.

You want to know the funniest thing about all of this?

Ted actually likes his pathetic new lot in life.  He likes to taste and smell his master’s ballsack.  He liked cleaning his wife out multiple times a day after listening to him pound her senseless.  Also, he likes being put in his place.  So, even though this was a sort of public services announcement, maybe cucks have less to fear than they think.  It may hit one’s ego fairly hard when if you get dumped for a masterful cock, but you’re not automatically useless.  You might surprise yourself by absolutely loving everything about it.  If the thought of your girl enjoying another man so much more than you still gives you a jealousy boner, maybe it’s time to reconsider being the main man in her life.  After all, she deserves the best, right?  It’ll only take getting use to the taste of another man’s ball sweat.

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