My Fuck Buddy Is A Cream Pie Lover

One of my friends and I are also fuck buddies, he doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment. His job is too demanding to devote the time needed for a relationship. I also don’t have a boyfriend. but I do date and see a few guys. And I must admit, I do have fun with all of them. Makes me feel a little slutty at times, but hey, sluts have more fun! So I was having some late drinks at fuck buddies house after a date. He started getting a bit inquisitive about my evening out and I laughed. I thought he was horny and wanted to hear the gory details about my date.I never knew what a cream pie lover he was.

My Pussy Was Filled With Cum After My Date

I was right and he was bold enough to ask me if my pussy was full of cum after my date. And I giggled a bit and said yes, yes it was. And he asked if he could down on me and lick out the cream pie. To be honest, I was still kind of horny. And was totally down for another orgasm and agreed. We went to his bedroom and quickly got undressed and I laid back on his bed . He got down between my thighs and started sniffing me .I never knew he’d been turned on by the thought of another man’s cum filling up my pussy. And I swear, he went down on me with a hunger and a voracity that he’s never done before.

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My cunt was licked clean of every drop. And he brought me to two more orgasms with his curious tongue. I was licked and sucked and slurped clean from every pearly drop of my dates cum. He even got on his back and had me straddle his face. He told me to bear down to get my pussy to release every drop of that man juice inside of me. And it plopped into his mouth, white globs of cum. And he relished every drop of it. He alternated his slithering tongue up my cunt. With sucking on my clit and flickering it over my pussy until I screamed in ecstasy. That cum of another man got him going like never before.

This Was Really Intense

I decided I liked this newfound level of his pussy licking intensity .And the next time I’d been fucked and was still dripping, I went right over to his place. I was again treated to first class pussy licking as the cum of my date drove him wild. Cream pie was apparently some trigger for him that made him get hornier than I’d ever seen him get.

And I knew I’d be cumming a few more times each time I made a pit stop there. After a date I’d gotten fucked on. It was hot and I loved this new element to our sex play. He started to be more free with his own cum as well, shooting it all over my tits and then licking it off. Cumming in my ass and me pushing it back into his mouth. He was getting a lot dirtier now that this cream pie fetish of his was in the open and I’ve never had so many intense orgasms in my entire life. It was hot. He gave me an awesome massage after it all was over.

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