My Friend  Was Making Tons Of Money Being A Sexy Massage Girl

A friend of mine was raving about her new job and how much money she was making. And how I should get in on the action as a massage girl. I wasn’t too sure about the idea. But she showed me all her new clothes and that she’d bought.And a new car and really, I needed to consider this if I wanted to get some bills paid down and get some extra as well. She even laughingly told me that if I was lucky, I’d get to play with a great big black cock.!   I thought about it and asked if I could try one shift where she works. To see if I could consider doing it. She made arrangements with her boss and I was to go in the next afternoon for a few hours.

I Was Doing A Great Job Giving Hand Jobs

I’d given my boyfriends sexy massages over the years of course, but nothing like this. I knew happy endings with hand jobs were expected. I went in and the first guy seemed ok and I rubbed him down and chit chatted away. And then started to stroke his cock and he loved it. I was rewarded with a nice cash tip. At the end of the afternoon I’d seen a handful of guys and given them all hand jobs. and I had a nice chunk of change for so little work. I said I wanted in.

Over the coming weeks the cash was pouring in. And some asked if for even more tips if I’d consider a blow job. I simply could not resist the cash. Then one day a customer asked if I’d fuck him and he’d give me a huge tip. I agreed and couldn’t believe all my bills were being paid down so quickly. This was working out wonderfully. Being a massage girl could sure be profitable if you were a friendly one. I didn’t fuck many of them, a hand job was standard, a select few got oral. And even fewer still got the fuck as their happy ending. I was counting my cash every night and was soon buying goodies for myself like my friend was.

His Cock Was Long And Thick And He Wanted To Fuck

 sexy massage girl

One day this really handsome middle aged guy came in and he said his friend had recommended me. He said that friend was one of the ones that I fucked. And he asked if he could have the same arrangement. He was the type that on a first date I’d go to bed with he was so good looking. He had a nice cock, too. Long and thick and he said he preferred to be the dominant one. And I didn’t have to do all the work. He flipped me over on the massage table so he was on top and he drizzled oil all over my body . Then slid his hot, hard, well oiled up cock inside of me and started pumping away. It was very sexy.

My cunt clenched around his dick and he said he’d never gone to a sexy massage girl as hot as me before.And he’d like a weekly appointment if that was ok. I was thrilled with the idea and I wrapped my legs around him nice and tight. And he pounded me and I soon came on his dick and was rewarded with a cunt full of cum and an envelope full of money. What could be better than this? I was doing well and enjoying it and most only expected the hand job. This was going to be a lot of fun.

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