When I go out with my friend Sheri, things can get a bit wild.  My boyfriend, Chuck, was not too thrilled last night when I told him she and I were going to a night club.   Especially when he saw my outfit.  My skirt was very short and low waisted; my blouse was low cut and I left too many buttons opened.

“Why don’t you girls stay here tonight?  I’ll make drinks and we’ll play Uno or something.” he begged.

I laughed at the absolute lameness of that idea.  “I think not, babe.  We’re going out but we’ll be home by 2, I promise.”  I kissed his nose and out the door I went.

Sheri and I had a wild time.  I was groped and fingered on the dance floor by a really hot young guy who was celebrating his birthday that night.  I sat with him at the bar and let him buy me drinks.  From the bar, I watched Sheri on the dance floor and she was surrounded by a group of three black guys who were sort of passing her around, kissing and touching her.

“Your friend is HOT!” my drunk friend remarked.  “Really, really HOT!”

“She has the sweetest tasting pussy too.” I clinked his glass with mine and knocked back another shot of tequila.  I glanced up and no longer saw Sheri on the dance floor.  The three black guys were gone too.  I shrugged my shoulders.  I’m sure she’d be back soon.  I turned my attention back to my drunk birthday boy and went back to sliding my tongue into his mouth.

About thirty minutes later, Sheri returned and sat on the bar stool next to me.  She had a big smile on her face, her lipstick was gone from her lips and her hair was looking a bit messy.

“Hey, whore!” I greeted her with a big hug.  “Almost ready to head home? It’s almost 2.” I glanced at my phone and saw numerous texts from Chuck asking if we were okay and if we were coming home soon.  I deleted them all.  “Let me get us a taxi…”

We climbed into the waiting taxi just a few minutes later and I started to give the driver Sheri’s address to take her home first.    She blurted out my address and asked that we both get dropped off there.

“Girl, I need your help.”  she begged.  “I have cum all over my pussy and my ass.  It’s dripping out of me and my panties are soaked.  I can’t go home to Todd this way.  Can’t I just clean up at your place and borrow some panties?”

This is what good friends do for each other, am I right?  When we stepped inside my front door, we both jumped when we saw that Chuck was sitting in his recliner, in the dark.

“You scared us, Chuck!” I said.  He turned on the lamp and said hello to Sheri.

“Just go ahead and use my bathroom off my bedroom.” I said.  “Help yourself to any of my panties in my top drawer.   Towels are in the bathroom.”

She stumbled towards my bedroom and closed the door behind her.  I had to explain to Chuck that Sheri got gang fucked in the ladies room and was here to clean up, get a clean pair of panties, then she would head home.  Chuck began to interrogate me about what I did at the club that night.  I never know if he gets jealous or turned on.  I acted innocent and never mentioned my drunk boyfriend at the bar.

He suddenly looked toward the bedroom door.  “Wasn’t she going to shower?”  he asked.

“Yeah, I thought so.”  I got up and opened the bedroom door.  Sheri had not gotten very far.  She had collapsed onto my bed, legs and arms sprawled open, shirt hiked up to her waist.

“I guess she’s staying the night.”  I said to Chuck.  “I could drag her into the shower to clean her up, though.  That would be fun.”

“Or I can clean her up.” Chuck offered, not taking his eyes off of Sheri’s cum soaked panties.

“That would be very gentlemanly of you.” I said, walking over to pull Sheri’s panties down.  Chuck licked his lips as he walked over and positioned himself so that he was lying on his belly, his face just in front of Sheri’s cream pie.  She had cum dripping out of her bald cunt and her lips and inner thighs were stained and sticky.  Chuck opened her ass cheeks with his fingers and saw that there was cum also oozing out of her ass.

“Wow, she got double penetrated tonight, the little slut.”  Chuck said as he moved his head closer to her warm and creamy pussy.  He began with small licks, just barely pushing his tongue inside of her and lapping away.

“Get her nice and clean now…” I encouraged as I held her legs open for him.

He shoved his tongue deeper into her pussy, scooping out all of that milky cream, then he moved lower and started to clean up her asshole too.  Chuck is such a good pussy eater, I was sorry that Sheri was passed out an not able to enjoy it. He finished off with a few long licks all over her pussy and ass cheeks until he was satisfied that she was completely cum-free.

I love having a boyfriend who cares so much about my friends and who goes way above and beyond to help them out!

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