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Crazy Sex Stories about Carlos. Carlos is the man in the latest edition to my crazy sex stories.While visiting my grandpa at the nursing home I met Carlos. Little wrinkly man about the age of 90. I am just guessing because Carlos doesn’t speak a bit of English. Every week upon arriving at my grandpa’s room Carlos is there walking the hallways. My heart breaks for him, never seeing any of his family visit him, I asked the nurse about it. Confirming that he had no one I made up my mind to make a point to try and smile at him while visiting there. One day I didn’t see Carlos so I asked about him. Nurse Ashley said he was in his room and kind of depressed.

Feeling bad I went home that night and made him and my grandpa some cookies to take tomorrow.

Who doesn’t like cookies? Grandpa loves cookies. Carlos was excited but not as excited as I thought. This bothered me. That night I went home and thought of ways to help this poor man feel better about himself. Oh, my God. I had a perfect idea. Why didn’t I think about this in the first place? This is where the story falls into the crazy sex stories category.

What’s better than homemade cookies? A blowjob is!

I don’t care if he is close to 90, what guy would ever turn down a blowjob? Arriving the next day I stopped in grandpas room first to hang out with him for a few. Then when most of the nursing staff was at lunch I made my move, Kissing grandpa goodbye I snuck across the hall and closed the door. Carlos looked up from his bed and smiled at me like he always does. Hugging him and laying my hand on his soft cock he giggled. Feeling the bulge in his pants I realized that he was huge, Even soft he had one of the biggest cocks I have seen.

This is a guy I would have loved to know when he was in his prime.

Sliding my hand under the waistband of his sweats I still couldn’t believe how big he was. Pulling his sweatpants down to expose that monstrous penis, I began to wonder if I could fit that whole thing in my mouth. Not wanting to disappoint Carlos I slid myself down the bed and started to lick.

Hearing his moans I knew this was pleasurable for him.

Knowing the right decision had been made to do this I was happy. Even though he was not getting hard his giant cock was touching the back of my throat. As my mouth was going up and down, faster and faster his moans became louder and louder. Just then the door opened. Holy shit we were busted. Or were we? If you want to read any of my other free sex stories check out my blog page. If you read something you like you can always call me on my sex hotline for hot phone sex.

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