Almost everyone has teen sex stories.

I am going to share one of mine with you today. This is one of my teen sex stories about losing my virginity. 17 years old most of my friends have already had sex. Some with multiple partners.Feeling very behind in my life I decided it was time for me to grow up and be a woman. It was time for me to have sex. Rumors were going around the school about me being a prude. My boyfriend, Kyle, was not a virgin. Thoughts filled my head, what if I was bad? What if I do something wrong? What if I smelled funny? Oh, my God, the thoughts would not stop.

My Step-dad, Anthony, could tell something was wrong.

Sitting me down to have a talk with me to get to the bottom of my troubles, he asked what was on my mind. Always being cool with my brother and I made it easy to confide. Tears and all. Everything came out. Explaining to him that I didn’t want to look stupid and I definitely didn’t want him to think I was a virgin. Assuring me he had a plan to make sure I knew how to please Kyle I trusted him. Planning to meet up after school the next day, I got in the car while he was informing me that he had an idea.

I was excited. We drove to a hotel. I was confused.

Walking in the room I was nervous not knowing what to expect. Pointing to the chair and telling me to have a seat and get comfortable. I did as I was told. Looking me in the eyes he told me Kyle isn’t going to be my first. He is. My jaw hit the floor, is he serious right now? Before I could say anything he was telling me that he will help me and tell me what to do and what not to do.

I trust him.

When told to get undressed and get on the bed, I obeyed. He was also undressing, then slid in next to me. Taking my hand and placing it on his cock I could already feel it getting harder. Sensing my nervousness, he knelt between my legs and pushed them to the side. His head went down to where I couldn’t see him anymore. I felt his fingers spread my pussy lips apart. Next thing I felt was his tongue on my clit. It instantly shot tingles through my body. My legs were getting weak and I could feel my whole body tremble with pleasure.

Oh my God! What took so long for this to happen?

His next instruction was to blow him. Putting my mouth on his cock was exciting to me, knowing that I was pleasuring him was giving me pleasure.
Next, I straddled him and began to lower myself onto his erect huge cock. Feeling his entire hard cock inside of my tight pussy was taboo, but not wanting to stop. Never experiencing the wetness of pussy and liking it.  Keep checking out my blog page for more teen sex stories and other stories about sex. I would love to hear your teen sex story, Call me and we can have hot phonesex.

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