Every year the county fair Sex Glory hole is in the Cattle Barn

Horny guys wanting sex lineup in the men’s restroom. The men’s restroom connects with the last stall in the Woman’s restroom. Its a big stall with a shower in it. White with a tile floor and a little white curtain you can pull shut. There’s also a round hole connecting the stalls. As an additional bonus, there’s a slit for tips. Which entices the ladies to give them their best.  Everyone knows fair time is when everyone is looking to make money!


Ladies line up to make extra money

So its a win, win! Random Ladies will line up to enter the stall. Cose the curtain and start to work. Nine times out of ten there was a cock waiting. You would get down on your knees and Start to tease. There was a pillow that stayed there for all the ladies to use. Never knowing whose cock you’re teasing. Tasting that precum leaking from that mushroom head. Gliding your lips up and down that hard rod. Not fully getting the whole cock inside your mouth. However feeling it grow down your throat. Felling him pulsing with every stroke. Take him deeper and deeper into their mouths. Till they are about to explode! But if you good you stop right before he cums. Start teasing his cock so he lasts a lot longer. Licking the tip, stroking his shaft. Then after a 1min, break go back to work. Working your mouth on and off that cock. Taking him deep waiting for that creamy load. Gliding up and down with your tongue tracing each vein. Feeling him get bigger and fuller with every stroke.


As he Explodes

Feeling him grow harder you know he’s about to give you every drop of cum he has! Making sure he’s deep down your throat to feel that slimy cum slide down. Tasting his salty huge load. You work for every last drop. If you’re good enough you might even get a tip. Then this unknown man pulls his cock out zips up his pants and leaves. A greedy lady will stay for the next cock and make all the other ladies wait.

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XOXO Brittany XOXO