Cuckolding wives at the company picnic

There is a group of cuckolding wives at work. I never thought I’d see them in action. They are just always bragging about their exciting sex lives at work. I made Steve suck his cock after fucking me all night. Steve watched his BBC pound my pussy while he waited to eat his cum out of me. Are all part of the stories I’ve heard at lunch. How did these ladies have such an amazing sex life? A girl has to wonder.

The Picnic

It was a hot summers day like any company picnic there was lots of food music and people. It was the kinda picnic that kids didn’t come to because there was an open bar. I had heard the picnic gets crazy and it goes all night long. I was excited to let my hair down and have some fun. Finally, I was with my work friends not having to worry about deadlines. I wore a nice shirt, blue jeans, and heels. Other ladies wore a lot sexier stuff than I. Low cut tops and short skirts were the many attire. Drinks were flowing and the ladies were getting hornier and hornier. I could tell this wasn’t going to be a normal Company picnic.

As the Shirts came off the Ladies got what they needed

I noticed all my friends start walking off to another area behind the restrooms. So I decided to follow Carol into the room. This room was behind the bathrooms and big enough for maybe 20 people. As I walked in I noticed Sherrie from accounting being bend over by Steve from upper management. What was shocking is Sherrie’s husband was licking Sherrie’s pussy as Steve’s cock slid in and out of her. Oh my god… what have I just walked into? Carol took off her top as she walked in and walked over to Bob (her Husband) who was on his knees sucking Matt’s cock from the office on the first floor. I’m actually seeing these ladies dominant their husbands. This was crazy sex

Cuckolding wives 1

As my panties get soaked

I start to feel a tingle between my legs. Fluids leaking from my tight pussy. I wanted to see someone’s husband take a load of cum. Matt motioned for me to come over so I did. Walking his way I pulled off my top and shorts. When I reached Matt He started to kiss me. Now Carol was fucking Paul and Bob was still sucking off Matt. I started Kissing Matt as he was about to explode. I watched as Matt dumped his load in Bob’s mouth.

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