Something about springtime makes me think about things in my past. That is what brought about this sudden memory of wild college stories. When I was a freshman my year had gotten pretty chaotic with sexual exploration. Towards the end of the year my sorority along with our brotherhood fraternity hosted an end of the year sex-a-bration. I did not know what was in store but I knew to look my best and be prepared for whatever was coming. When we got there we were all handed a number, mine was six. We were told that we had to match numbers and pair off with our partners.

It did not take me too long to find mine. He was a 6 foot tall senior named Bane. He played football, was extremely muscular and was known for being kind of a freak. At the time, this was kind of intimidating for me, but still I was stoked. The two of us paired up and took to our table cloth and picnic basket that the party host had provided us with.

Naughty College Stories with Mallory

Inside were all of the essentials. Condoms, lube, a small spatula, whip cream, hot dog buns and condiments. I giggled and he immediately took to the hot dog bun sliding his cock between it. Reaching in he found some ketchup and put it onto his Johnson as well.

I would have to be lying if I said that his thick dick in that bun did not make my mouth water. I sucked in my lower lip and stretched my mouth over the massive dick dog that was being pushed towards my faces. The bun crumbled down the the ground as I began to work onto it, sucking his pre-cum and ketchup into the back of my throat. He dressed my pussy with some whip cream and the two of us sixty-nined for some time before moving on. We finished with me riding his cock, and at that point he was not going to last it much longer. I loved every second of the experience though!

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