College Girl – The Taking of Kelly

College Girl – Having defended her with her DUI and having already been intimate with her with the hot tub and audience.  One of my partners had an eye on her the whole time.  He was about to be married and wanted one “last” and he wanted her.  Asked me if she’s ready.  We went back to my house.  She was super wasted but wanted cock.  He had it hard for her and had been dying to give it to her since meeting her. Who wouldn’t? My Kelly.  Mine.  And I was about to share her.

I wanted cock too.  His.

But he made it clear that we wouldn’t because we worked together.  SERIOUSLY?  What’s the difference?  But okay.  I went down on that sweet pussy that was already wet and ate every single drop while he undressed and climbed up on the bed.  Watching them kiss was torture for me but I still took his hard cock in my mouth and down my throat.  Knowing I was getting him ready to fuck her.  And not me.  He thrust his dick in my mouth and pulled out.  She spread her legs and I guided his cock in.  And watched them as he pounded her pussy.

I held her hand and kissed her while he nailed her hard and grunted.

Hearing her cum over and over again.  My Kelly.  I was so jealous  He filled her up with cum where it was leaking out.  Was embarrassed and ashamed and got dressed and left  I went down and licked and cleaned up all of it.   Sucked it and licked it out of her.  She was breathless as I curled up to her.  He left the practice and had no contact with either of us again.  I guess it was his “last”  I’m still in contact with her but not him.  Which is what he wanted, right?  One. Last. Time.


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